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I'm pretty sure the ten day crash courses over school hols ar e better for older kids or those already swimming, more a great thing to do in hols. DD1 did it one holidays after she could already swim...

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

thats good. i was hoping to do the weekly classes anyway. it might take him a bit longer to start up, but would be better in the long run?? maybe anyway.

i cant wait.

gives them something fun to do through the week too! I'd probably get him in a class without you in with him, although he would prob be worried to begin with he wont be able to play on you being there, and can concentrate on building trust with his teacher. Good luck with his lessons!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Might take him a bit but i bet he ends up loving it. I am having problems with my dd2 atm she is 18mths old, she has been having lessons for 6 mths now. All of a sudden she has decided she will cling to me and scream the entire lesson, she has never done this before. Going to try putting her up a class without me in the water. Might be better to start your ds in a class without you as they can play on you.
HI, DS has been doing Water Babies since he was 5 months old. It was a HUGE must for us especially since we have a pool. DF or I are in the water with him during lessons. He moves up to the next group which is 3 kids with 1 instructor at 2 1/2 -3 years old. Our little ones still where floats to begin with then they come off.

We go once a week. It is amazing how they come on. DS will be 2 next week and is able to jump in to the water and kick to the surface straight to the edge of the pool. I agree with a PP, swimming to us was just as important as road safety!

Good luck with it all.
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Just check if you can sign him up now, with DD I started with 3 wks of term left. Some centres let you enrol and start anytime of the term, as long as there are places

Crystal goes 1 day a week as well

ashlee has been in swimming lessons 2 days a week for quite some time. she's been having lessons since about 9 months and is fast becoming quite the little swimmer.
where i take her, you can start at any time.
definately hunt around and find a place that you are both comfortable in and that is fun while still teaching survival skills.
where i go, if your child cant swim, you will be in the water with them regardless of age. they have to learn the skills first and THEN once they are back up to the confidence level that matches their age, they can go in alone.

especially with the weather warming up so much it is really important for kids to learn pool safety and it takes a long time to become "competent" in the water so the earlier you can start the better.

good luck and i hope you are both having lots of fun swimming soon!
Where my DS goes the lady takes them from the age of 2. She is very strict, I guess you need to be strict around water.
My DS has just turned 4 in Sept and loves swimming.

You may find that you may have to build up his water confidence again from him swallowing water.

I watched my DS today swim around on a noodle for floatation. Both the boys seemed to riding them like horses with the noodle in front and behind them in a half circle.

My son started at about that age as we didn't live near a centre before that. He screamed the place down for his first few lessons (1 on 1 with an instructor), but he settled down pretty quickly and now he LOVES it! Don't be tempted to pull him out if he does freak - he WILL get used to it and it's such an essential skill in this country

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