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BIG BIG Family...... Lock Rss

Hi there...
I am in a situation that I hope someone else may be able to give me some advice about... I have 6 children from my first marriage and I am in a relationship with another guy who has 8 kids from 2 previous relationships and we have 1 child between us... so between us we have a grand total of 15.... yes 15 children.....!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are having huge problem with 2 of his daughters who insist on running away when with us for their week end visits. We are fortunate enough (I think) that 5 of his kids live in Queensland with their mum and are older (18 - 27).
My 6 children spend half the time with us and half the time with their dad and his young girlfriend.
We are finding it hard for our baby aged 9mths (nearly) that he loves the attention from the kids sometimes and then cries when no-one is around him!!!
Anyway I am wanting to be able to chat with people who may be in a simialr situation.. I can tell you now that it wasnt a situation I ever expected to find myself in!!

cheers to all and long live BIG FAMILIES

mum to 7 beautiful children from Tasmania

you do have your hands fill - i am from a family of 9 kids and as long as you can give each child there own time and not spend more time with one sex and make sure no one is missed out and don't feel others are getting more attention than them then you are fine.
take time out for yourself's, i know it can be hard with the busy lot you have - even if you lock the door and soak in the bath or go out together to the movies when the kids are in bed with the older ones babysitting - also make sure the older ones are not always landed to do cooking, cleaning and babysitting "etc.. females" everyone can do there little bit to make the household run better!

Melissa,AkldNZ,9mth boy

also, make sure you are not landed to do everything - your partner has to play a big input on his kids and not you having to take over and look after everyone!

Melissa,AkldNZ,9mth boy

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