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So whats everyone up to tonight? Lock Rss

me? well thanks for asking but i have no plans for tonight. BORING!!! bwahahahahahahaha!
Glad I'm not the only boring one with no plans. I do have a date with some fruit & nut Cadbury though.
house to myself.. trying to figure out something for dinner after the lil man goes to sleep then got new greys n bones to watch eheh

probably just playing with my nipples Cath.

they sore. baby teething lol.

bwahahahahaha! should put up a skype link for all those interested!
a bottle of wine, sex and the city movie, lap top at the same time lol and then finishing a REALLY good book once im done browsing.
me fears i'm in a silly mood....
Not much here either... have just finished making Lemon Jumble biscuits (they're in the oven) in star shapes as a xmas present for ex-DP's nana who we're having an early xmas with tomorrow.

Now i've just finished eating dinner and having a glass of wine... all very exciting really lol!

Same as every other night....nothing!!!! Although I asked hubby to go pass and get me two bottles of wine so hopefully he won't forget otherwise I'll be super annoyed lol.
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