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do you think I'll be in when I tell DH that I just reversed over the pram? Do you think he'll accept that it was his fault because he folded the pram up behind my car but couldn't be ar5ed to put it in the boot?
2 words for you. "contents insurance". I reversed over my pram 4yrs ago - bought a new one and claimed it on my contents insurance - so essentially it cost me $100 (the excess payment) to get a new pram.

I had folded it up and gone inside to get the keys and forgot to put it in the boot when I went back out.....

Thinking of doing it again... accidently of course! pmsl
of course its his fault, he left it there..

was an $$$ least you get to go buy a new one !!!

I say he is the one in trouble for leaving it there!

I'm glad you're on my side! I won't bother buying a new one as I have 2 more lol, but I'm still annoyed. Lucky it didn't do anything to my car either or I would have to kick his bum smile
well i am expecting it to go something like this

how the f do you figure it is my fault
why didnt you check before reversing
yes i didn't put it in the car but i also didnt back over it i check where i am driving like any good driver does
why didnt you check

nope it isnt his fault it is the drivers fault

yes i am male but i am not defending him cos he is male but the driver is the one in control of the car it is the drivers fault if it was there before you took of and you hit it

Oh yeah, totally his fault. I reversed over DH's chainsaw when he left it behind the car... his fault for not putting it in the boot I say!
lol. My dh would have said what if it was a child you should have been

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