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So......... Where exactly is the money........ Rss

and will you try to guide your children into a career that pays good money?

I know that I don't want my kids involved in any manual labour, both hubby and I have terribly bad backs, I have knee, ankle and feet problems (which means I can not kneel, run, hop or skip nor get easily up and down from the floor). Hubby has Shewmans Disease (sp), which means he already has a hump at the top of his back which will have him looking at the ground in his old age..... which is very sad.

So, based on the above I want my children to look after their bodies, but at the same time I want them to earn a good income so that they don't have to struggle with paying bills etc, and to most importantly be happy.

So, what industries/positions pay good money and will you gently guide your children towards a rewarding career in terms of job satisfaction and good money?

Is OVER rude people

i dont always think that just cause you have a job that pays good money you will automatically be able to afford the bills. know many people on a high income (over $100k per year) who still need to ask others for a loan cause they cant afford repayments.. Wether you earn a high or low or middle income, good money habits need to be learnt.
My eldest is 13 yo, hated school since he started, is very good with his hands, so will be in a trade, a chippy or sparky most likely. My DD would love to be a teacher , maybe ealry years prep grade 1 or 2, because this is what she loves to do, she is a nurturer. I will guide my children into what suits them individually. We are on a low income ( i think classed as under the poverty line) but its not how much money you have, its what you choose to do with it..
All valid points Yvette. In terms of money management, I think that part time jobs (when at school) are great because they teach kids the value of money at a young age.... aswell as how to save and spend wisely.... well it did for me anyway.

Is OVER rude people

I have no idea what pays well except the obvious, doctor, incountant those things but i really dont mind what my children end up doing for a job as long as they are happy doing what they are doing, so if that means working as a builder or labourer or even a teacher as they dont make much money then so be it. Like alwaysawake said its not how much money you make its what you choose to do with it.
And most jobs have a bad side to them, alot of high paying jobs require you to work alot of hours and i would rather have less money and spend time with my family then the other way round.

Totally agree! I cant wait till my eldest can get a bit more responsibilty, than just odd jobs around the house, I mean its one thing for me to ask 100 times for him to do something, but a totally differetn story when a boss wants somethign done. I think a part time job will be the making of my son.. (I can only
i will guide my children to do what makes them happy.
if they wish to do something that pays poorly, i will warn them that the wage has a "cut off point" and tell them to consider whether they will be happy to never earn more than X amount.

however some of the highest paying jobs are the ones that you wouldnt necessarily encourage.
My DH was earning $2000 a week TAKE HOME when he was a truck driver. Not a very glamorous job but if more than most of your suit and tie jobs!!

the other thing is, that you can do what makes you happy AND make a good living off it if you were to start your own business, work your way into managerial positions etc

So in short, no i will not guide my child into a career that makes good money. I will encourage her to follow her hearts desires because who wants to work for 40 + years for money that they will have no time to enjoy because they have to work 60 hours a week for it. If she chooses to be a career woman, thats her perogative. If she chooses to live on minimum wage because that job makes her happy, thats her choice too.

money does play a huge role in everyones lives and the quality of the lives, but i don't think we should push our kids to be something that brings in a good income like a doctor, if they are destined to be a teacher iykwim
I dont think you can push a child into a career that is asking for an unfulfilled (sp?) adult life for your child. My eldest has for a long time talked about being a midwife or a hairdresser hehe But just recently after becoming aware how much dentistry and orthodontics costs she is now contemplating becoming an orthodontist She said she would like to see people getting dental work done for a cheaper cost. But whatever she ultimately chooses as long as she is happy and fulfilled then I am happy too.
Im a big believer of teaching money management and money priorities. If a child enters thier adult life armed with money management skills then they will be able to survive weather they are on minimum wage or a huge wage.

Cheers Ness

I think we are all individuals and its not a parents job to guide their child into a chosen career path - thats a personal choice. I'll provide all the support, information and help I can offer when it comes time for my children to decide what they want to do but after watching my DH being "guided" into a profession I will never do that to my child.

DH's parents thought that Engineering would be great for DH. He is intellegent, practical, good with everything mechanical and mathematical. The problem was they never asked him what he wanted. He even failed his HSC so he wouldn't have to do it but his mother went to the university and talked them into taking him in even with his low scores. His passion was welding, what he should have done. He failed his first year - pulled out and floated from job to job until he found his current job - paying a HUGE salery but not what he had dreamed from himself and his family.

Moral of the story. Don't push/guide your child into anything - they can make their own path in life.
i will support my kids with whatever decision they make when it comes to what they want to do for a living (bar being a bum).

all jobs are valid imo, whether they pay crapily or not. as long as they are happy (and self sufficient) i will be happy.

Fingers crossed ds becomes a trady and then we can get some free work out of him lol...
Im going to support whatever decision my children make themselves. aslong as its not a porn star or the like! LMAO

I dont see a problem with manual labour, in all honesty, id rather a good manual labour job then a desk job. But thats just me!

If you learn to do things the right way SAFETY wise, then there really shouldnt be a problem.

My children will have a high standard of knowledge on financials, budgeting in particular, so whatever the income they get, they can sort it out.

I think, once in a job, if they have the taste of what a higher paying job can benefit you with, then they can strive for a position like that themselves.

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I'm not sure if you can even predict where the money is anymore. It was once very clear - Doctor, Lawyer, finance, dentist. But these days it depends so much on the economy. For the last few years it was the blue collar workers that were pulling in the big $. So I guess you may guide them to a certain career but that will not always produce the money.

As for my children - I will be encouraging them to gain further qualifications - whether that be a trade, Tafe course of Uni. I think that you always need some formal qualifications to fall back on.

I had been trouble with my DD1 recently and had not been able to get the reason why out of her until i had to go into the school for an parent/teacher interview.

Turns out she has been so stressed about having to pick her career path that she was acting out. She is in year 9 and has had to pick the subjects for next year that will take her to uni and the career that she wants.

She was so worried about making the wrong choice and dissapointing us, that quite litrally she was making herself sick.

We had a very long talk about no matter what she does as long as she is happy, then i am happy too. Once she realised that there is no dissapointing me. That i just want her to be happy and healthy, we talked about what she wants to do to be happy. And the choice is completely hers. She picked Forensic Sciences/CSI. Not something i ever would have even considered, but it is hers.

The last thing i would ever want is for DD1 to be in a career that she is only doing because she thinks that she has too. Be it for money or just to keep me happy.

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