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Would you mow your lawn at 7pm? Rss

I'd probably consider it on a hot day. I do try to be mindful of the neighbours as they have young kids too but sometimes it's just not convenient to mow the lawn during the day.
me personally? no I dont mow lawns full stop. lol. dh might but not usually that time of night

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I think i'd prefer that to being woken at 7am by the sound of one, lol!! But even then, it really does get too hot to do it at any other time of day, and i'd think someone silly to be out in the sun on a 40+ day - like it has been here for a week sad

Yep. sure do/would.

A lawn mower isnt really a nuisance noise in my opinion.

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yep, i would and it wouldnt bother me if the neighbours did it either, but we are more early morning people so we do it as eary as we can in summer ususally, but we are lucky also, all our neighbours in our court are early birds, so its not uncommmon to see us all out at 6.30- 7am over summer.
I think 7pm isn't too late to mow your lawns. Especially if your a working man - then by the time you get home, relax for 30min, have dinner and clean up then it would be at least 7pm. Also its still light but cool by then.
Most council by-laws will state curfew is 8pm and people can start at 7am on weekdays and 8am on weekends

I have no issue with neighbours mowing at this time
Yep! At the moment the grass is growing furiously!! We are all out from about 6:30 and even after dark with everyone slashing, whippersnippering and mowing. We currently have to mow 3 x a week to keep the grass down and we have almost an acre of grass. (just the big lawn gets mowed - everything else eaten or snipped)
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