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Hi, I have a 7 1/2 month old son. I have noticed that around my area and other places I've been to, that there is less of a selection of clothes for boys, mainly in younger boys. Does anyone else have problems with finding a variety of boys clothes for young children? Or have noticed that same as I have?


i have a little girl but yes i have noticed that there are more clothes out there for girls than boys, like i have some boys i buy clothes for and find it very hard to find something i like, the thing is i have a 5 yr old boy i buy for and have found that its harder to find clothes i like for him at this age to when he was younger i didnt seem to have much trouble, but yeah they need to get more variety of boys clothes out and not just girls

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

well, my son has about 20 pairs of pants, and like 5 shirts!! I find cute pants EVERYWHERE but NEVER any nice shirts (unless they are part of a set and that means MORE pants)!! If anyone sees a nice cute colourful pair of overalls in a size one pls tell me ... i really want some for my bub for summer!!

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Thank you for replying. I just wondered if it was just me that had noticed, or other people did also.


its not just you . we have 3 boys but my mum often comes over with nice clothes usually from target or kmart. we have been lucky that they are quite close in age so get a lot of wear. a neighbour passes hers on mostly osk kosh or pumkin ptch which wear well but i would not spend that sort of money

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just remembered my mils neighbor sent a bag of clothes 4 our 4 yr old all very nice .

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I too have been trying to find a nice little boys outfit over here, to bring our little one home in just in case its not a girl, but there is not much to choose from - unless you go to pumpkin patch and I agree too, they are not cheap to buy from (and it would prob. grow out of it before it got to wear it again). I also find over here that there are not many dressy little dresses for girls nb-00 (the few I have found are like the ones my mum put me in 20yrs ago & not to my taste!), I am trying to find one for my sisters wedding in Jan, but i'm not having much luck for either a boys or girls outfit - I have found a few gorgeous little dresses on some australian websites, but I might just end up pulling out the sewing machine!

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I find the clothes for boys out there atm horrible! I like fred bare, pp, osh kosh etc. but I cannot justify spending that kind of money on "everyday" clothing. The clothes that I have seen lately in Target etc. are just sh$te! So if anyone can also tell me where to find nice little boys clothes in size 1, that I don't have to rob a bank for, I'll be eternally grateful!

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Its silly, I think. They have such a range of girls clothes, but they cant do the same for boys...


We wnt clothes shopping yesterday for size 0. do other people notice a big jump in sizes from 00 to 0? Pants in 00 were getting to short, but in 0 they are so big.
Basically there is bugger all out there for little boys. It's a shame esp. when you see heaps & heaps of girl stuff. Some of the boy clothes are really daggy as well. So every time we go out I always have a look in the big shops ie Big W, B&L and K-mart. I can't justify spending big money at Pump.Patch etc as they do grow so quickly.
So really it is happy hunting!
I have always liked nice clothes for my kids, too, but will not pay the sort of money they ask for. I worked in a designer kid's clothing boutique for years, so I know the kind of markup placed on that stuff! I shop at a recyccled kid's clothing store that has loads of designer clothes. From Pumpkin Patch, Fred Bare etc to Target and Kmart. I don't buy everything there, but I get great designer stuff for good prices. A lot of it is hardly worn and some have tags still attached. They have good, clean , fashionable clothes for half the price. Worth a look in your area.

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I have a little man also. I have just noticed that all the summer stuff has come into BIG W, they have great shorts and smart shirts for boys that are reasonably priced. Its hard to justify paying heaps of $$$ on clothes that they grow out of so quickly!
Do you have a BIG W near you??
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