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Dr's feeling babies position? Rss

When i went to the dr's today he said he's pretty sure it's head down and that he could feel the head down low. Are they usually right when they say that?

I've heard of drs getting the head and bum mixed up - aparently they feel the same..I'd hope most cps would know the difference.
E was head down from 20 weeks and they always felt her head down low except for one midwife who felt her bum and thought it was her head. I told her I thought she was mistaken as I could feel E hicupping down low and she wheeled in the scanner and sure enough it was her bum up the top!
They were right with DS1 and DS2.

However with DS2 the OB did an internal (boohoo) just to make sure it was his head and not his butt!
They were wrong for me aswell. I was freaking out because I went to 39 weeks with a breech baby and the hospital insisted it was head down the whole time - but they confused the head with the bum! They flatly refused my requests for an ultrasound. I cried and carried on and demanded one (that "suffocating" feeling was starting to get to me lol).

If you are uncertain, maybe ask for another opinion?
My midwife explained to me how she could tell. wiggle the bump at the top from side to side gently, if a large area moves its the bum and your moving the whole body. Otherwise if its only a small part moving its the head. The difference is pretty obvious after you've felt it for yourself.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

My GP was right with me.

Im sorry to say
but with DD i was certain she was breech. 4 docs/midwives checked and all said i was wrong. I pushed for an US and sure enough I was right.

This time around ob and midwife said Breech, I went for a scan and hes head down.

Both pregnancies more the one doc got my babies wrong, thats enough ro me to say in your situation dont take no for an answer and get the doc to call that US place back or ask about the mini portable ones! Im sure all hossy's should have them!

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