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do you think this would be a good swingset/cubby combo? i've been looking for ages for one and for this price, could get a wooden set but this one seems to have everything iykwim. what do you think?
nice, would definatly buy something like that if we could.
oooh, I love these, they are so versatile, and seem to grow with the child, and what they feel like doing on the day! If itwas to ignore the price tag i wouldnt hesitate!! Even my big kids would love this, actually they are little monkeys my 11yo still plays on the swing set for the little kids!
it looks like so much fun hey yvette LOL

more so than your average metal framed swing set. the wooden ones are really nice but this one looks like it might be easier to pull apart and put together if we move again....or when we move again LOL

i also want something that will last her a looonng time so not going for a real "little kid" set.
It would cost a bit to ship to Aust wouldn't it? I'd also wonder what the 'cubby' bit is made from, and in particular the shade/roof part. If it is that plasticy stuff and it's not going to be in shade all the time I'd be concerned that it would become too brittle to handle the beating it would get here.

ETA - I don't think they actually ship them outside the US? They say they only ship to 48 states within the US even...
[Edited on 24/11/2009]
I'm pretty sure Step2 stuff is uv stable or something like that. We have a step2 water pay table which has been in the garden over 12 months and it hasnt faded at all
I don't think they're real timber - thinking plastic but not sure.

Here's an Australian site that sells them if you want a realistic price eeeek

But they do look very cool <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]

a lot of plastic stuff is UV "protected" apparently.

i wouldnt pay for shipping anyway but looking for something like this smile

thanks Ro i will check that link out now.

by the way speaking of realistic prices the wooden one i wanted was $2k LOL
that looks awesome!

but i'm confused! where is the site that your looking at m2a? there quite a difference in price from the website judds mum's has and they look exactly the same?
it looks awesome, it would probably be better value tho if u were planning on having a few more kids so it would be used more, we have a much cheaper swing setand slide combo and climbing castles, and a home made sand pit , all 4 boys have grown bored of them, and only use them when friends come over. we were planning on getting a new trampoline for christmas with the safety net, and I think it will get much more use than the other stuff they have lol.

that's just my opinion, but in the end it's your choice smile


thats an american target online site unfortunately sad

we have a trampoline that she absolutely loves but like your boys, she's getting bored of it LOL

argh i just dont know what to do!

i have so many things i'd LIKE to buy her and not enough money and space to get them all. trying to work out what would get the most use and occupy her the longest is where i get stuck LOL
Bunnings have some outdoor play equipment too.. not sure on the exact price tho - but I know it's out of our league! LOL

Surely Toys R Us would also have something similar??
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