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As the proud owner of 'girlie' bits as my neice calls them, never thought much about it till I had my son. We never found out the gender but talked before we had him about the subject in case it was a boy.

We got our little man done and haven't had any worries what so ever. What did others decide..what are your opinions?

done with no issues. Private hospital birth meant he was circ'd within 24hrs of birth.
done at 11 months by choice (not medically needed). had some issues which resulted in him being re done this past friday 13th. all looks good...

eta 'by choice' part. i am pro circumcision and believe it is in the best interest of my son to have him done.
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Big fat no here. The discussion took about 2 seconds for us. DH is done but even for him he never gave it a second thought.

You were lucky then. I had bub in calvery ACT and they wouldn't give me any info on where or who for circumcision. So we had to troll the yellow pages and ring a heap of doctors till we found one who cir'd.

Bub was right on 4 weeks, the cut off by the time we found someone and got an appointment...

You're a brave person posting

My DS was done at 3 weeks with the plasti-bell. No probs and slept the whole way home from the doctors (2.5hour trip).

We had him done due to personal prefernce, no other reason and if I had another boy (not planning on any more kids tho) he'd be done too.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

Wasnt an issue we had discussed it prior and on leaving hsopital my DR said he would give me a name and number which he did for a DR who does it in Tuggrenong..

Lets see how long this lasts.

As I have a cousin who ahs to be done at the age of 14 because he keeps getting infections I beleive our choice was for the BEST

Each to there own and I asked a friend who is a chilcare worker and she said it is still 50/50 to those that are to those that arent..

As a chick i never really thought about it...ok truth be told before my partner and I watched a 'adult dvd' after dating for a while and there was an uncircumsised male in it i didn't realise there was 'different' sorts haha.

Only after exclaiming 'what is wrong with his bits' did my partner explain. I had never been with uncircumsised partner.

Still after the subject was brooched i did alot of research and decided to agree with partner (his done) and get little man done.

Decided to post as not really talked about and i think that it should be so that people can get past the stigma of it and make informed decisions...

Posted by: lolliemonster87
Decided to post as not really talked about and i think that it should be so that people can get past the stigma of it and make informed decisions...

Oh it's been talked about plenty on here! But more often than not it gets a bit heated...

I thought DH might want to get DS done, but he was totally against it. I'm glad we didn't get it done.. In my opinion it's not really necessary.
IF DS has recurring problems which would be fixed by having him circumcised, then we'll look at it then..
If everyone sticks to the original question in the OP, there shouldn't be a reason for it to get a. heated, or b. deleted.
we have girls but if we ever have a boy he will be getting done. I have seen the pain and agony on boys faces when they had to be done older. so not real a choice.
When i talk about it, i have found people get very heated as well but i stick to a basic theory...

I do not look down on anyone who chooses not too and in return do not expect anyone to look down on me for getting it done.

We are all adults, capable of free thinking and making our own decisions. I'm sure we can discuss this openly without anyone getting offended...

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