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I love summer pregnancies. I have had a baby in winter and one in summer. I didn’t like getting my tit out to breastfeed in winter esp at night. The preg clothes are easier to buy in summer. I am looking for short with a tie at the front so I can wear them when I am not preg too. T-shirts are easy, I just need to watch out that my belly can’t be seen underneath and that I don’t stretch them too much.

Hi Brae, I am not far from you about 3 hrs straight up.
Sal & Brae, I have been up early today too. Fletch woke us all up about 6am.

Have to take Jake to preschool soon.
Talking about farms Jake goes out to my sisters farm and honestly he would rather live there. They have motor bikes, horses, sheep, farm utes, and 2 cousins the same age he loves with lots of toys.

What is everyone getting their kids for xmas? I got Jake a bike and Fletch a ABC leapfrog board. Plus Thomas the tank engine stuff for Jake (he is mad over it) and cars for Fletch (he is mad over them).
On Jakes bed he has Thomas and on Fletchs bed are cars. It is funny how they have their own tastes. Jake loves healthy food and Fletch is a junk food addict.

mum of 3

I am usually up at 7am most days, but this morning I think Jack had a bad dream or something as he woke up crying, normally he wakes happy and plays for a while in his cot and then he calls me when he wants to get up.

I have finished my xmas shopping, Jack is getting tonka trucks, etch a sketch and lego. However my hubby is builidng a cubbyhouse for him, it is almost finished so that will be an early xmas present. We have saved half the price building it ourselves. The really expensive part (besides the wood) is buying a slide.
hi all(this is going to be a long one),
some of you keep mentioning Big W, im not sure what that is?do we get it overhere?
i am extremely tired. we had a going away party for a friend alst night and got home in the small hour then my partners alarm goes off at 4.30 and after hitting the snooze button several time he finally decides to get out (with a nasty hang over hehe) grrrrrr! its fur being one of the few people who dont drink i can remember everything and didnt do anything stupid.
pregnancy is going good. still fell quite sick at the sight/smell of some foods and my back is already killing me (physio helping) but other than that its all good.
Barb-at the moment it doesnt look like its going to be a really hot summer, the weather is still quite yuck. i have a couple of really nice bikinis and i think somewhere in the depths of the cupboard there are some sarongs, thanks for the idea. we are going to the beach with some mates for a week -so is it ok for me to let my belly hang out or should i find a way to keep it covered?
i live in the waikato(north is.) in a little town 20 mins away from Waitomo Caves (dont know if you have heard of it).
My partner is already suggesting putting things on laybuy for Christmas but i just dont really have the energy to be walking around shops all day especially when my mind seems to have left me (maybe its with those lost posts) and i have no idea what to get people.
sorry this was so long

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Jo, Yes I remember a post sometime ago where Berta said she was a member of huggies. I did read things like her not getting her stories straight eg how many kids she had. The thing is that the other site doesn’t have profiles or joining dates. It is really backwards and you can’t read all her posts. I did notice once long long time ago some similar style of words she used to other people. A profile on her would be someone without many friends and doesn’t like to socialise. What is even worse that she wastes a lot of time doing it.

I think my 20 month boy has been getting up early because he has 1 big 3/4hr sleep during the day. I will have to see what I can do about that. I want my sleep!!! smile

Fletch is getting a tonka truck off my sister this xmas. As an outside toys to go with the other 3 tonka trucks (since I will have 3 boys it’s a necessity). I gave Jake an etch a sketch and duplo one xmas.
I recently went though all the kids toys and gave away heaps of things the kids don’t touch, like stuffed animals. Although I am a real hoarder of kids books, I have to many to count. I probably shouldn’t admit this but I get a lot of my books from St Vin op shop for 20c or 50c each. smile

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Jo how do I take my email off the bellybelly web site?? Everyone can see it? I can't figure it out.

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Hi All,

Hollie - Big W is like a Kmart/Target, do they have these stores in NZ? If they do, you would find similiar clothing to what the other girls are describing

Bigmama - My son has a big afternoon nap and I have to wake him after 2.5 hours or else he will wake early next morning.
Thanks for the tip on buying books from Vinnie's never thought of that wink

ok thanks. we have kmart. ill have to ahve a good look around there.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Yay!!!!!!! smile
My smilies worked smile
It was all about the spaces before and after them smile
smile smile smile smile
ok can't stop now

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Now just testing
hummm can't think of anyothers?............

grin smile sad gasp :-? 8) laugh :x tongue :oops: :cry: :evil: :roll: :wink:
I got them from from another web site, ?might work

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Sorry about this guys. I haven't got it right yet???


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Once you master it, please let me know.

It is not working >:-<
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