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Hi Everyone,

I just went into the heinz website and someone raised a post about judgemental people, well good old berta came in with the funniest comment and said the complete opposite to everyone else. I don't think anyone likes her. Someone also mentioned that she has read on other forum sites that people are laughing about them.

I could suggest that they go to another site, but I don't want to associate with these people, they are crazy.

I cannot stop laughing.
smile grin tongue wink 8) =gasp

:| sad :~ :} :'( >:-<

copied and pasted straight out of the huggies help section
now if this doesn't work!!!!

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Sal- I'm going to have a peek at that site tonight! Sounds like more amusement coming up! I know Cranbourne, I use to go to Phillip Island pretty often for the bike racing!

Brae- We have Wiltshire Horns, they are known as a "rare breed". They are fantastic and low maintenance, they don't need shearing as their wool drops off in the springtime. They are bred for the meat, which we have heard is pretty top market stuff, not their wool.

Pauline- Whats your user name on BB?
To hide your email address, you have to go into your profile and delete it. (I think?????????) My user is joja and you can mainly find me on the TTC long term thread. Hope your b/p settles down and behaves itself for the rest of your pregnancy. I had to be induced a few weeks early as I had pre-eclampsia, bummer being in hospital. And you poor thing, fainting all of the time, I can only remember fainting once in my life and it wasn't a very pleasent feeling!!

My Jack is ALWAYS up at 6am!!! However on the days that I decide not to bother setting the alarm, he sleeps in, sods law!!!


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I can't wait for day light saving then it seems like the kids are sleeping in smile

Jo, thats a bummer about your pre-ecl. Do they think it will happen again? How are you going with falling preg this cycle? My name on BB is myboys. I usually know when I am going to faint so I just have to sit down right away. It is hard to find a seat in woolworths while you are doing your shopping. smile

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They don't know for sure if I would get pre-eclampsia again or not. If you have had it the once then there is a chance you can get it again. It depends of what medic you speak to :~
Some say it's even hereditry, who knows?

I have not had the transfer as yet.....I was suppose to have one last cycle but there is some AR conference in S.A begining of Oct, and we wanted the same Doc to do the procedure (he's going to the confernce) so we all decided to put it off for another month. This has been the first time in my life that I have wished that af would hurry up and arrive.........As soon as she comes, I have to ring the clinic and then they give me a start date to start testing urine until I have ovulated. Then the transfer should be a couple of days after that. This will be the 1st time that I have done a frozen (or thaw) cycle, so I'm a bit in the dark about it all. Jack was conceived with a fresh cycle. Hope this makes sense?

If you would like to read my story it's on the BB site under "success stories" in the TTC long term thread.


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To let your belly show or to cover? I think this is a personal choice. If you feel comfortable to let your belly show then why not. I think a pregnant belly is beautiful. My 10 yo daughter is sitting beside me here and she says your belly is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially while you are at the beach.
I say enjoy your belly! I don't know about everyone else, but towards the end of my pregnancy I am so sick of my belly being so big but then I miss it after bubs is born.

Don't forget to take some pregnant belly photos just before you are due. Even though my kids have seen me pregnant, they love to see the photos of me just before each of them were born. They actually had a bit of a fight one day about who made me the biggest. LOL


Hi Hollie,

When I was pregnant over summer we were away at my hubby's parents place along the coast, it was so hot my hubby and brother in law bought me a pair of bikini's, told me to wear them, and put sunscreen on me.

We went across the road to the beach, and I had this 7mth preggo belly exposed to the world, they sat me in the water and said that if I am not careful they will push me in deeper as I don't want to be a beach whale!!! They thought it was hilarious, I nearly cried being emotional and all.

What I am trying to say is, when I was pregnant, I didn't care what I particular wore as long as I was comfortable and wasn't frightening anyone, and no one seemed to mind my exposed belly that day.

I loved my belly in my 1st pregnancy. Now with the 3rd I have too many stretch marks from 2nd one being an 11lb 5oz baby.
My little 4yrold Jake loves touching my belly. He put his hand on my belly and asks me ‘is the baby asleep or awake’. If I say it is awake then I purposely make my belly jump and Jake says ‘he’s kicking!!’. I say that’s because he likes you’. Now they have a special bond before he even gets out of my belly. This happens 5 times a day. When I am not in the mood I just tell him he is asleep and sometimes he tries to wake him up, very funny. He tells everyone that I am going to poo the baby out soon. smile

Up again at 6am today and it is raining. sad

Jo, so it will be in Nov then? I sort of understand what you are talking about. I have never had anything to do with it but I understand some of the medical things. We will keep our fingers crossed for you. You may have a baby around Sept next year? My sister got pre-ecl and had it with both preg’s. About the hereditary thing well I have low BP so you never know.

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Morning everyone,
How are you all. How are you feeling big mama. The weather is bad here too.Was going to go for a big walk?!
We are so excited about our first Xmas with Jack, I have a peek a block activity wagon on layby. But my husband wants to buy heaps more, which is a bit silly when hes so young.
Unfortunately my 12 months maternity leave is up on the 27th Dec,which is a bit sad.Thats life though!
Big Mama Im still laughing about what you wrote about your son thinking you will poo the baby out! Thats pretty cute. Jo Ive never heard of them sheep but sounds like they are pretty low maintenance. Plus good luck with everything, I dont know much about it but I hope it goes well for you.

Well guys I was pretty happy with myself yesterday, I cleaned all of our floor boards , this morning Jack has chucked everywhere and now I have to try and clean it all out of the cracks of the boards. Oh my the things we do! Any tips??!!!
Stay well
Bigmama- Hopefully the transfer will be end of Oct, around the 22nd mark, thats a very rough guess. Af will most prob be late......

It must be so cute being pregnant and having older kids asking all sorts of funny questions. I can't wait!

I also loved my belly, I wasn't very big until right at the end, when everything just seemed to pop out!

Again I can't remember everyones posts so will post again in a minute!


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Brae- Those peek a block toys are brilliant! Jack has the dump truck and I got him an extra packet to go with it. They amuse him for ages. I must admit, we went a little overboard for our first christmas with our Jack.....this year we are going to be a little more sensible about it LOL.

I hate floorboards!!!!!!!!!!!! Apart from the bedrooms the entire old bit of our house has them. They are the worse things to keep clean, especially if things get into the cracks! No tips, sorry!! We are still in the middle of renovating, so as soon as that is finished, there will be no floorboards in SIgHT!

Actually, try running tooth picks down the grooves, that may help?


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Hi Ladies

I would love to join you guys for a chat. My son is 8 months old and crawling everywhere.
We are off to Gymbaroo this arvo they have an open day looking forward to going haven’t been before not to sure what to expect smile
Well I better get organised
Have a great day
Cheers Mel
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