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hey everyone,
thanks for the belly out, or belly in thing. i think i will just let it hang out but ill cover it up on christmas day(dont want to offend my partners family, his sis in law does not like me). stuff what anyone else thinks. i had a midwife appointment yesterday and she said my belly was cute.
my mums old house had floor boards and she used a toothbrush to really get into the cracks.
jo good luck. the only thing i know about that type of stuff is what happens to the cows! i think i have lived out in the sticks for too long.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

*almost wetting myself laughing* Holz, that is so funny about the cows, hopefully us humans have more sophisicated instuments smile


mum of 1

Hi there Mel!!
How was gymbaroo?


mum of 1

Hi Mel, welcome here. I think gymbaroo is a child indoor play centre? We have one here as well and the kids love it. I only go when it is not busy so that there is no big kids there to knock over the little ones. Ours has got a new really really big long slide with 3 lanes and kind of waves up and down. My little 20 month old has been going down it backwards on his tummy by himself since he was just over 12 months. I just couldn’t keep up with him and he would just take off after his brother.

I have got the incrediblock toy thanks to Heinz promo to give to my 3or4 weeks off due baby at xmas. From what you guys are saying the peek-a-boo blocks sound pretty good. I think they are all the same thing. I was thinking I might get some extra block to go with it but I don’t know which ones incrediblocks comes with? The boys will be dying for the baby to come out just to open the last xmas present for the baby. It’s a big box! smile

Go for it, let your belly show Hollie smile

Brae, what I would do to go for a walk in the sunshine!!! Unable to go out with the kids by myself incase I faint. Only 3 months to go and then I can. I am trying to convince my husband to take 6 weeks holidays around when the baby is due. To include 3 weeks before I have the baby when I become really dependant. I don’t need the help after the baby is here. But my hubby would like sometime to bond with his new son.

What do the families do that have 2 kids or more when it comes to meal time and all the kids like different things??? Sometimes I think it would be better if I sat the boys together and they could pick off the other ones plate what they don’t eat. smile

mum of 3


you should see our place when it comes to meal time. I've given up ... there is just no pleasing everybody. It also makes it harder because myself and my eldest son are vegetarian.

When it comes to vegetables... I have 1 who eats anything (even things like chokos and brussel sprouts), 1 who eats potato, pumpkin and broccoli only, 1 who eats potato and pumpkin only, and 1 who eats only potato. My toddler danny eats virtually anything so long as it's off someone else's plate and my 8 month old eats all the mashed stuff and loves to suck on brussel sprouts (don't know how good that is for her wind, but it's only very occasional)

I love our easy meal nights. The older ones love to cook for themselves. They get to make what they like ... pasta and sauce, noodles, b beans etc. Can't wait until they are old enough I can teach them how to cook a roast. It will be lovely to sit back and have dinner made for me ... but I think I'll be waiting a while for that one.

Hi Mel,

It is great to have you on board, like Jo, would love to know how you went at Gymbaroo, have heard good and bad things about it.

I would like to take my son.

Hi everyone,
Just thought I would say hi to everyone, and to say thanks to anyone that has helped with my posts, as I dont have any mother freinds and I am the youngest in my family so mum cant really remember to much of what she did with us kids, and what is "right" for kids these days. Dont get me wrong shes a great help but just some things it's like " I dont know thats to long ago!" So thanks to all again and also thanks for being on the site as sometimes I dont even ask the question and there it is the answer to my concern! So thanks Ladys and best of luck with your little sweet hearts!
I might have to have a chat one day too!

Mummy to 3 Boys

Hi Meli,

Would love for you to join us for a chat, we have a great laugh.

I agree the posts are very helpful, even though my son is 18mths, I still have many questions and normally can find the answers on posts.

Hi everyone,
Big Mama how are you going? Taking it easy?( as easy as you can when you are a mother!)
Hi Meli How are you going? What was Gymbaroo like?Sal is rght this site is great and full of info for all mums.
Jo,Im really hoping that they dont use bovine technology on humans!!Ive got my fingers crossed for you!
Thanks for the tips re the floor boards Im managed to get it all out, what a gross job. Big mama and Barb I really dont know how you manage to cater for all your kids different tastes!!
MMM I reckon a roast would be great, especially if its cooked by someone else!
Hollie you show that belly off girl!
Have a great weekend everyone, wow the sun is out here - its a miracle!
Hi all,
Im in such a good mood!!!!!!!!!the sun is shining, no clouds in the sky and just a cool breeze. i love this weather(sometimes).
Jo- i hope i didnt offend pretty sure we humans have a better way of doing it!!!!
Whats gymbaroo?i dont think we get that over here, we have things like lollipops playland and theres another one but i cant think of the name.
A roast does sound good. i might do one tomorrow night if my partners lucky and if i can find one in the freezer that i can reach. we have a really BIG deep freezer and it daesnt have baskets so im starting to have a little trouble reaching in. same with the washing machine. im quite short so i already had to really lean over and streatch(sometimes with out my feet on the ground) to get to the bottom.
i talk too much i have decided!
hope you all have a really good weekend too

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Hi everyone, thought I'd join your chat group if that's ok.

I'm a 31 yr old first time mum with a 4 1/2 months old little cheeky bugger called Luke. Luke is a surviving twin who I adore to the max.

I am currently on maternity leave until May 05 and loving every minute. I live in Girraween (Near Parramatta in NSW) with my hubby of 5 years. We've been together for 11years.

I usually get on this site every couple of days so hopefully I'll chat to you all eventually.

Currently Luke is sleeping and it's raining outside so I thought I'd jump on the computer while I had the chance.

Barb, that is pretty funny about what all your kids eat. I remember my mum use to make us eat everything on our plate. The meat and 3 veg dinners back them smile . I try really hard to find veggies that my boys like. Not looking forward to dinners with 3 now.

Jo and Holz, everytime you mention the cow thing I keep picturing a great big turkey baister thing being inserted into the cows smile . lol

Mel, my mum thinks she knows everything about kids and some of the things she says are so funny. My mum and I get along really well. Honestly I don’t know how I survived as a kid with some of the things she comes out with smile lol. My MIL adopted both my husband and his brother so she knows nothing about breastfeeding and birthing. Then his grandparents raised them while his parents were workaholics, so they know nothing about kids. The other MIL (hubbys natural parents) are great, I am glad we found them.

Brae, the sun is out here too. Kids are outside playing happily.

Hi Lukes mum / Jo. Now we have 2 Jo’s. I am 30, not long until I am 31. I was meant to have a 30th birthday party with hubby as well (he turned 30 49days after me) but we never had one because we were renovating our house. The reno’s were meant to be finished by now and still aren’t 9 months later. It didn’t help when Jake drew a life size picture of himself on a newly painted wall, with a permanent texter mind you. But the thing was he never drew on the ugly old walls. Now I am preg and definitely can’t have a party now until after I finish breastfeeding. Somehow I don’t think it is ever going to happen???

mum of 3

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