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Hi there guys.

Welcome to Meli & Jo (Good name that!)

Holz- No, you didn't offend me, I had a great laugh about it.

Bigmama- That is the pic in my head, of a mad keen scientist holding a turkey baster up!

Geeze renovations are hard work, we are onto stage 2 of ours and then it (hopefully) will be all done! Up in the country, the tradesmen are a little "airy fairy" , no worries, no problems, we have plenty of time, chill out etc. I feel like stamping my foot and yelling DO.IT.NOW!!!

We went to the Seymour Agri Show today, Jack had a great time looking at all of the animals, he was especially taken by the Brahams (sp??) those funny looking grey cow things with really big ears. I could not believe my eyes at the price of showbags for a country show and I saw some parents walking around with loads and loads of them phew....

Have a good rest of Saturday all!

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Thanks for the warm welcome bigmama.

Since there is two Jo's just call me Joanne if it'll make it a little easier and less confusing.

I had a pretty big 30th birthday party last year, one that I won't forget in a hurry. My birthdate is 5th April. I didn't get up to too much this year as I was 6 1/2 months pregnant and huge. (God I was big)
I was given a bottle of Dimple scotch whisky for my 30th and told my husband that we can open it when the babies are born, thats been and gone now I say wait until Lukes Christening. I haven't had more than one drink for 12 months now and to tell you the truth it doesn't bother me one bit.

And talking of kids and texta/paints...... A friend of mine was painting a new feature wall in her lounge room and she just finished and gave me a call. She has 2 year old twins, and while we were talking she noticed that the bubs were a bit quiet. After quickly running through the house she finally found two little buggers covered in paint from head to toe. Put it this way, they did a pretty finger painting on the new feature wall. As soon as my friend saw them she couldn't help but laugh because the twins turned to her and said "We love helping mummy". It's been 2 months now since that day and she still has her feature wall with pretty coloured little finger marks right in the middle.

I'm sure Luke will do the whole writting on the wall thing too.

Talk again soon.
Hi All,

Joanne - It is nice to have you join this little chat group, we have good laughs and you can also get great advice.

All - I am turning 30 in April, do people have big parties when they turn 30? I assumed you celebrate 18th, 21st, 40th, 50th & 100th only?

Would love to hear your views and ideas, keeping in mind I am a twin, whose twin sister is single and has no kids.
Hi everyone, this is an interesting article. Just skim through it as it is really long then read the conclusion. It’s the study that concludes being a mother is equivalent to 2 fulltime jobs.
I also read somewhere that women are actually saying no to being superwomen anymore (with working and having babies). I can’t find where I read it???

Hi Jo77, About the reno’s I actually said to spanline who built our deck that if it wasn’t done by the due date then I would take $100 off each day he was over due. ?
The plumbers were pretty slack and did a bad job.
BIR people were good. The people putting in the new kitchen were good.

Sal, if there is any excuse to have a party then have one I say.
Joanne & Sal, my DOB is new years eve.


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I think I have figured out who berta is? Not sure yet? All the same person.......Anonymous, noname, berta, haha, could be???? Check it out Jo77 and see what you think?

mum of 3

Hmmm you may be right Pauline, but I always thought that anon was maddychelle. It will keep us all guessing anyway : )

I can't remember what I did for my 30th, I was still living in Cornwall at that stage, prob went to the pub and had several drinks!!

There is a new product on the market "Chux" that is magical. It is suppose to get crayon/texta marks off walls etc. I havn't tried it out but read about it on the BellyBelly site.


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Hi everyone, hope weekend was good.
I thought that Berta was anonymous too, who knows, but its good for a laugh! Its hotting up at the moment.
Hi lukes Mum. Sally I think you should have a 30th!! Go for it. Any excuse will do!
Jo them cows you mentioned are cute,did you see any of the highlands cattle they are big hairy shaggy cows and they are worth a bit too.
Have decided to look around my area for a playgroup to join. Do any of you guys go to playgroup?
Catch you all later
Brae, I am in a playgroup. I have been in one since my 1st son was 12 months old. Before that I was in a parenting group for the under 12 months. I highly recommend that you go to one. It is so important for kids to socialise.
Things to check for
- child proof fences
- play yard has no sticks from the trees
- play yard has no places where the kids can hide
- naughty undisciplined kids (they will teach your kids to be naughty)
- too many kids
- BYO morning tea (some playgroups use to bring food put it all together and put it on big plates for all the kids to eat off, now I think regulations say they have to have separate plates) I learn’t to avoid my kids eating around other kids because that’s how they get sick eg another kid will pick up their drinker and drink it.
Can anyone else think of anything more?

Jo77, I got a show bag for the boys recently a Thomas the tank engine and a Cat in the Hat. They cost $18 each, a bit of a shock. I was going to go and show the boys the animal shows, rides and the fireworks but hubby had to work.

Someone else said in a post that anonymous was berta just recently. That’s why I said it. I didn’t remember who anon was? Or is there a anon and a anonymous???
Your right Brae it is good for a laugh. Did you see that one where it asks about mums watching soapies on tv all day? I think that was written by a man? Any stay at home mums knows that watching tv is impossible when the kids are awake. At least we can get up from the computer as many times as we like. Sometimes I start typing then do something for the kids, then go down the street and when I get back I think ohh I forgot I was typing that. smile Lucky I have broadband. I have only gotten up 10 times during this one. smile

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hi all,
hope that you are all comfy coz this is going to be another long one.
firstly hi joanne, and welcome to the chat!!!!!!!!!im 18 and preggers with #1 and i live on a farm with my partner(and i talk heaps).

bigmama- i guess when you picture the cow thing like that it is pretty funny. mating starts soon so fun for me(not). i dont think that spending time in sheds watching cows getting a bit of lovin is a wortwhile way to spend my SIL thinks that she knows everything. she turned up here one night and told my partner to leave then sat there and proceded to tell me that i was disrespectful,using,lazy blah blah blah and i was hated by the whole family. turns out thiugh that she is not liked by the family and what she said is total rubbish(i asked my partnes mum).

jo- i know what you mean about people not doing things on time. our boss started to put up a deck on the front of the house at the begining of the year and its still not finished. its just sitting there on carjacks. its semi usable.adn we need a plumber in to put the taps for the dishwasher into the kitchen, at the moment its in the wash-house fixed to the laundry taps so i can only do cold washes unless i spend ages changing all the taps around he also thinks that the room i want to use for baby should be painted. it needs to be done coz this house is quite yuck but its a farm house so i cant do anything about it.

out here its any and every excuse for a party-rugby games, someone having a baby, someone got new carpet,curtians,flooded, the end of calving-you get the picture.

whew thats alot- i think im finished.
see you all later.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Hi all,

Haven't been much of a chatterbox lately, had a few things on the family front to deal with.

Well, you have all convinced me to have a party, my sister (twin) is in on the idea as well.

Jack is due for this check up with the health centre nurse, he is 18 months, cannot see her for two weeks as she is fully booked. To those mums who have kids older than Jack, did you take your kids for their 18mth check up?

Hope you are all well.

Hi all,
Hope everyone is doing ok.

Sal- I have to make an appt for Jack's 18 mth check up. I did have one with the health centre but I don't go there anymore as I don't like one of the women. The woman who use to do it was promoted 12 months ago but she is more than happy to weigh and do the chq ups for a few of us mums, in her own time. So I just have to give her a buzz.

Brae- I love the Highlands as well, they are so sweet looking. I'm not too sure about joining a playgroup in my area....I would like to, but as we live near an army base a lot of the army wives look down on you. I don't like being put in that position, I think it is very rude. In the nearly 3 years that we have been living here, I can count on one hand the amount of army wives that are pleasant. Moan moan moan!


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Holz- Sorry to hear about your SIL stiring up trouble...what are they like? How rude can you get hey?

I think I replied to the tv watching post on heinze?
I'll have to have a sneak peek and see if anything funny has happened in my absence? Hehehe!


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