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vkw how was your day out yesterday?

Hi Julieanne and Barb031, I was hoping that the extra help for having three children at home under school age was going to help pay for 2 days at preschool next year for my eldest???

Still no sunshine here yet:(((

Hi Jo77 Good luck with the next cycle. It will be good to hear how you go.

We think a water pipe busted last night and so I can just see my husband outside digging and my boys insisting on being there digging with their own little shovels.

My husband felt our baby kick for the first time last night. I am 23 weeks. It is funny how everytime you say 'the baby is awake put your hand on' that the baby then goes quiet.

mum of 3

Hi all,

I am also going to join this chat forum. I am a fairly new member (but have been reading forums for a couple of months). My daughter is 2.3 years old, she was conceived by AI (artifical insementation) after a failed IVF attempt (we thought we would try a different technique). I am now a single full time working mum since Paige was 6 months old.
At the moment Paige has a thing about changing her shoes constantly and is always asking mummy to 'shoes off' then 'shoes on'. It is driving me batty.
Jo, Good luck, I know that this can be an emotional time.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Hi guys,
Jack was born on the 21.3.03. Thanks for the well wishes people...this time round it may be a little straight forward, we have already done all the hard work and have 2 embryos left over, that have been frozen. So all I have to do is ring the clinic on the first day of af and then take it from there. My only dilemma is whether to transfer one or two?

Is there any way you can write a reply and look back at the posts? I'll have to take notes before I reply as I can't remember a thing anyone has said!


mum of 1


I am very new to exchange and would love to be part of this chat. Always nice to talk to other mums.

A bit about myself, I have a 17mth old also named Jack, I am 29, married and a affairs, a full time mum/housewife and love it.

With regards to the allowance for occasional care, I went into the the family assistance office website and it appears you may be able to claim for occasional care. I get childcare benefit which basically reduces the price of daycare, which would be the same for occasional care. It says to find out if you are elible to contact them. When I rang them about the childcare benefit they were extremely helpful.
Ph: 13 61 50
Email: Need to do via website

Hi Everyone

Thanks Sally for that info I will read up on it, since they wont answer their phone.
Has anyone been able to phone centrelink lately? They were engaged the whole day yesterday. I need to talk to then about a few things. I need to remind them a third time about my boys immunisation allowance.
I also got a letter in the mail about the $600 per child thing. Did anyone else get one?

YAY! I think it is pure sunshine outside today. I can't see any clouds at all.

Does anyone else have shiftworking husbands?
If things go well tonight I will be online. Hubby will be at work.

mum of 3

Hi Bigmamma,

I got my letter as well regarding my $600. I am awaiting the statement now to confirm when this will be paid, I think the letter said end of the month which will be good.

I thought you get paid automatically the immunisation benefit once the kids turn 20 months, that it what medicare told me. Be interesting to see what happens.

My husband works during the day and is on call at night as he is a CFA volunteer. We both fight over the computer when he is at home. When tend to take turns.
Hi Everyone

I also got my letter about the $600 payment from centrelink, I can tell you that you should get it as part of your next payment after 6/Sept. (i know this as my sister works at centrelink).
I got my letter monday and my payment yesterday which is early than my FTA/B payment (thats friday) You guys may be in the same boat.
Hope this clears things up for you Bigmamma.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Hi Rachel-e and everyone,

My sister got her payment today but it was less than the $600. Would this be because my niece was born Nov 03 so it is paid pro-rata?
Just thought i would put my two cents in here hope you don't mind

Jacksmom - The payments are pro-rata for born in last financial year and the full amount for those born in previous years.

Bigmamma - i got the immunisation benefit with my fortnightly FTB payment once my daughter turned 19mths
Thanks for letting me know.

I don't like calling you dingbat, I feel like I am insulting you!!!.
All this info has been really good. Thanks everyone.
I actually waited in the long long line at centrelink today to personally hand in the immunisation record. I have had a FTB payment since the 6th and no supplement payment though. I will wait until the end of Sept.

Is everyone getting the pneumococcal vaccine for their kids at the start of next year?

Has anyone sent away for the toys in the heinz toy promo? I sent away for the megablocks (I think thats what it is called?). I was pretty happy about that. The last Heinz one I got the fisher price farm set and the three wheel bike. I wish huggies had another one I have been saving my barcodes for years. The last one I can remember is the all those wiggle toys, clothes and bag etc. I did get the quilt cover set from the singular promo but that’s not as exciting as the ones with a heap of choices.

mum of 3

I think this topic has changed into a moderated forum. My posts are taking ages to come through.
Anyone else having the same trouble?

mum of 3

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