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Hi everyone

In a weeks time I am going on my first holiday without my little girl. I am going to miss her terrible and probably ring her the 3 nights I am away in sydney, and hug & kiss her loads when I get home. I know she will be fine with my twin sister looking after her, as she loves her Auntie Lou lots and I trust her with Paige, but she has never been away from me for more than one night, and that didn't happen till february this year.
I am looking forward to me trip in one way as I need a break (been a single full time working mum)but not in another knowing that I have 'left' her. I will probably cry next friday when I drop her at care and be all stressed that I will leave my plane ticket at home.
Help, how do you cope been away from your little ones for extended periods of time?

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Hi Rachel,

I do not think you ever cope when separated from your littles ones whether it be a night or a few days. You just have to keep reminding yourself that she is having fun and imagine the look of happiness on her little face when you come to collect her after your break.
Hi Bigmama, congratulations on the pregnancy and good luck. wow it sounds like your going to have your hands full pretty soon with 3 boys!

Hi Sally, thankyou. it is pretty tough thats why im here to help get some of my sanity back hehe.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

Hi Teen Mum,

This is something these mum's are good at.

Hi guys, I have been AWOL for a couple of weeks!! Had to catch up on some reading here, you bunch of chatterboxes!

Hiya Teen mum! I'm Jo, mum of Jack (17 months) and very shortly about to start FET for number 2!

With regards to the 2 hot topics......I recieved the second $600 in with my tax cheque, recieved that last week.

Pneumococcal Vaccine- When this first hit the headlines, my son was not very old at all. I asked my MCHN about getting him vaccinated but she told me not to bother about it!!! I've asked my GP about it recently and he suggested that we wait until it was free! So that is what we are doing.

I have also been given conflicting advice on the chicken pox vaccine! Some health professionals I have spoken to said yes and others have said waste of time! Which way to jump???? My only concern with giving all these vaccinations to our bubs is what happens in the future?? Are their immune systems going to be crap as they have been, in a sense "mollycoddled"? What do others think???????? Is this a ploy by pharmacetical (sp?) companys??

I am waiting for AF to arrive so I can get on with our FET, I am sick of waiting now, and I have a few weeks to go!! Bugger!!

Have a good one everyone and sorry for the long-ish post!


mum of 1

Oops, Have a good holiday Rachael!! I have not been parted with Jack for longer than a couple of hours, so I can't help you out! But I'm sure you'll be fine-ish.....just enjoy yourself!

Bigmama, ATM we don't have any conflicts with parenting! Hubby works quite long hours some times so everything is pretty much left up to me. (Which I'm not complaining about) I'm sure when Jack is older there may be a few issues in this dept. Although he will probably still look to me for guidence LOL!


mum of 1

Hi Jo,

I was advised by several GP's to get the chicken pox vaccine for my Jack and all the mums I meet through mother's group were going to have it done so I did.

There was an outbreak of chicken pox at my son's daycare and he did not get the disease. Not sure if it was due to the vaccine (not sure how quickly it immunes the system) or pure coincedence.

I say each to their own regarding the decision to get it or not.

Hi Sal, Jo, Bec, Ann, Elz, Rachel, Jodi, Michjo, Linda, Barbara, Julianne, vkw, Brandonsmum.

I didn’t get the chicken pox vaccine done. Yes I am waiting for the Pneumo vac to be free as well.

Who else is pregnant now or trying? Who has finished having kids? I know that Jo is trying to get pregnant.
I am 6 months pregnant and people are looking at me and thinking I am due soon. I am that big!

I still haven’t got the FTB A supplement? I haven’t got the end of September statement yet either? I have got my immunisation allowance:).

Have a good holiday Rachel. I miss my kids too when I go away. Try and have a good time at the same time you are missing her. If you can understand what I mean????

Yes Bec I think I might have my hands full with three boys:). As hard as it will be I would have it no other way. My friends with 3 kids having been trying to tell me how different it is and so much harder. I said to them don’t tell me this now:)))). I will have three at home next year so it will be lots of fun (not).

mum of 3

Hi there everyone,

thought I'd jump back in and catch up with everything.

Bigmama, I am also pregnant now with my 7th baby due April 14th. And I would like to say that this baby will be the last but I don't make promises like that anymore. (said that after my 3rd). I think my hubby and I are the most fertile couple on the planet.

On the other issues .... I will definately be getting the chicken pox vac. for my little ones as I almost lost one of my children to a complication from chicken pox. You've got me thinking about the pneumo vac. I thought my toddler had been done but I didn't pay anything for it. I'll have to go and check his book. My older children had it done for free at school.

Our tax is being held up so I have not heard anything about my supplement. I think they just want to delay my payment as they have to pay out too much for 6 children. I have to say though that in my mind it is spent already. My children keep adding to the list for "when you get that money". You've got to love them though as they told me that this time I should buy something for myself as well. So I've decided on something that will benefit me as well as the rest of the family ... especially with no. 7 on the way, a dishwasher would be heaven sent.

Hi All,

Oh my gosh Barb, I cannot believe you have six kids and one on the way, how do you do it? I find it hard at times with just one, maybe because he is my first. We hope to have another bub when Jack is 3/4 years old.

Do you think it is unfair for a child to be an only child, do you think each family should at least have two? Would love to hear your views.

I didn't get my $600, as I under estimated our income. Hubby started a part time business on top of his full time job and we were sure how much he would make. Tip: Don't ever update your income on the internet for the family assist office, ring them, this is how we became unstuck. That is another story.

Hi Sal, Jo, Bec, Ann, Elz, Rachel, Jodi, Michjo, Linda, Barbara, Julianne, vkw, Brandonsmum.

Barb I can believe you have 6 kids with no 7 on the way. I think you are right you are the most fertile couple on the planet. I would love to have that many kids but if I did I would like a nanny as well to help me look after them. If you don’t mind me asking how old are you Barb? Just wondering how long it takes to have that many kids. That’s a good bonus for you to get $3600 for the supplement. I brought my two boys new beds with the last lot of money so it was very handy.

Sal I updated my tax on the internet. Why do I need to ring them? Usually when I try to ring them they are engaged. I might give it another go tomorrow. I can’t figure out why that would be a problem? Then again we are talking about centrelink now aren’t we:) everything is a problem for them:).

mum of 3

hey guys,
I got a letter in the mail saying i would be getting $600 and me being me didnt understand it so called up to see what it was for, the lady told me what it was and said the $600 would be in my account with my next pay, but i only got $330 so when i called up to see i only got that much when the lady said $600 the man abused me and said i was a money hungry little girl, i said my piece back and hung up on him. I think thats the last time i call them up.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

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