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Hi Bigmama I would love to join. I am 17 weeks pregnant with my fifth child.My name is natalie.
Hi Natalie,

Congratulations on your pregnany, I hope all goes well for you.

You are similar to Barb who has heaps of kids, not sure how you do it, I think it is amazing.

I have one boy named Jack he is a week off 18mths. Keeps me very busy.
Hi everyone, gosh theres a few of us now!!!!

Welcome Nat!

Barb & Nat, I would l-o-v-e a big family, but sadly thats not to be sad

Sal, I'm still thinking of the chicken pox vaccine......I wish someone would give me some impartial advice......just facts & figures!


mum of 1

Hi Sally,
Every thing is going fine so far with this pregnancy.Thank you for wishing me well.

So do you plan on having anymore children?

Hi Natalie, Sal, Jo, Bec, Ann, Elz, Rachel, Jodi, Michjo, Linda, Barbara, Julianne, vkw, Brandonsmum.

I put in a post today and it didn’t work???? Hummm don’t know why??? Now I have to remember what I wrote.

Hi Natalie, when are you due? I am due in Jan.

Hi Sal, I updated my income on the net, please explain what you mean? I might have to ring them tomorrow just to check. That’s if they are not engaged like usual. The last lot of money I brought new beds for my boys.
As for your question, I wouldn’t like to be an only child. I see how well my sons get along and love having someone to play with. I see how lonely my sons get if they go out without each other. I couldn’t cope well with my first son until my other boy came along. They are best buddies.

Hi Jo, try and read on the immunisation site about the vaccine. I think it is the site where our info registers. I will see if I can find some stats for you. I would like to go over it again too.

mum of 3

Hello Jo,
Thanks for welcoming me.

I was not going to have anymore children after my last child because when i was 8 1/2 months pregnant, my youngest son (Slade) who was 5 years old at the time was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Then last year my eldest son ( Jonathan) was diagnosed with it too. So far my girls do not have any signs of it.

my children are: Jonathan (02-07-1994)

: Slade (28-01-1996)

: Chennae (14-07-1998)

: Kyarna (16-006-2001)
I am due on the 5th March 2005. I am 17 weeks.
Hi Jo,

The immunise website was no good with the chicken pox vaccine, however the following website has stats etc on it.

Go to the vaccines section and it provides stats on the disease as well as the vaccine. I have copied and pasted some of the info below. The website pretty much answers all questions.

"Chickenpox mainly occurs during childhood, especially between 2 and 8 years of age. It is thought to spread by small droplets expelled with coughs and sneezes. It is estimated that about 75% of people in urban communities are infected by 15 years of age and 90% by early adulthood."
Hi Nat,

We plan on having another baby when Jack is 3/4 years old. Not really ready to have another one at this stage and I am enjoying Jack to much.

I am 29 years old, so I don't have to panic just yet, at least I think I don't!!!!

Hi Bigmama,

Because I updated my hubby's income on the net, it was a signicant increase, and for some reason if I had rang they would of decrease our payments significantly to avoid being overpaid.

As confusing as this sound, if you update on the website they just pay you what the computer says, and therefore there is a risk of being overpaid.

For example entitled to $2000 for the year, hubby has an increase, therefore only entitled to $1000 for a year, I have been overpaid as only a few months left in the year, so I have been paid over $1000 already. Computer just gives you based on the income figure effect on the date updated, whereas a operator would work out what you are entitled and decrease the payments signiificant.

Confused you haven't I????
Some immunisation sites for everyone

mum of 3

Hi Sally,

So you are going to only have one more?

No you don't have to worry yet.
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