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You know what is really strange…some of my posts tonight are being moderated and some are not???? So I am going to look really silly when they all come through.
Three kids is enough for me

mum of 3

Hi Nat,

Yeah, just one more.

Hubby and I always said two and that would be it. Who knows we may have twins. I am a twin myself, not identical, so the chances of twins is pretty minimal.
Hi all,
congratulations on all you lucky pregnant ones !,
I loved being pregnant & 'eating for 2', I was very spoilt by my hubby & family, I hope you all put your feet up & let the other half do the washing up!.
Thanks for all your advice on the vaccinations, it's so confusing to know what to do, my clinic nurse advised me to wait until she is 12 months, I think I will talk to my GP though.
Does anyone have any advise on how to get their little ones to drink juice/water from a cup?
Paige was doing really well with her Avent cup but doesn't seem interested in it now, she just wants to chew it instead of sucking it.
Hope u all had a good weekend in the sun!
Hi Sal, I rang about the $600 and lucky I did. Now they have fixed it up and it will be in the bank on Wed. Thanks for that!

Barb and Nat I would love a big family too. But if I had almost 7 kids like you Barb then I would want a house cleaner to help me as well. How many years does it take to have that many kids? Barb a dishwasher is certainly a necessity for you.

Hi Jo, I tried to post some web sites on immunisation stuff and it didn’t come through. I found heaps of good info too:((((

Hi Elz, with the 1st teaching them everything is so much harder. Then second child just copies the first. I have all different types of cups and I try them all to see which one the like. Then over time they change their minds about which ones they like so I just go with them. I have 2/1/0 handled cups, straw cups, sipper cover, diff spouts lids…. It takes ages, perseverance and lots of mess. She is not one yet so don’t worry too much. Put her in the high chair before lunch and give her a drink to play with while you get her lunch ready. Put only a small amount in the bottom and you are best to give her a drink you know she likes first. I taught my kids how to drink out of a straw early just because it was so easy when I went out. I just let them play with it (non spill straw cup) until they got the idea one day. My advice might not help but I thought I’d tell you what I know:).

mum of 3

hi everyone.
i have been reading the posts and decided that i would join.
my name is hollie and i am preggers with #1(girl) due jan 7th.
are the vaccine things deifferent over here does anyone know?i didnt relise there was so much to know about them.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Hi Everyone, smile

Congratulations all the pregnant mummies..
I hope you are all feeling well, I really feel for you especially carrying in summer ( I had my son in Feb this year ). I agree with you bigmama, I would like a big family ( I have 4 at the moment )
B9, B6, G2, B 7 months today... It's really ironic you know when I had my first bub I siad to DH I only want 3 Kids, however my DH always wanted 6, Oh well we will see what happens..

With regards to the $600 payment everyone should have recieved it in June before the end of financial year. With the second part of the payments your tax return has to be done, and payment will be recieved in September on wards... Oh I rang Centrelink and if you had a bub this year or end of last year, the payment for that bub will be determined from the date of birth.. ( My son was born 27/02/04 and I only recieved approx $200 for him)...

With regards to vaccinations Hubby and I have decided to wait for the pneumococcal vacs next year for a little man ( My other 3 have had it either through the school or Dr ) With the chicken pox vaccination Im still very undecided, my to older boys have had it already, but my two littles havent, and if my memory serves me correctly children under 12 months can't have it...

As with cups I am now attempting to give my 7 month old sips of water, my first attempt I wore it LOL the joys of motherhood.... but I to like bigmama I have a variety of cups (especially after 3 kids ) it's all a game of trial and error...

Oh well must go my little man is exercising his lungs

Take care all

Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess

Hi Hollie,

Nice to have you on board, congratulations on your pregnancy, must be exciting for you.

Don't worry too much about vaccines, when you have bubs you will see a health centre nurse (they ring you once you have the baby and come home from hospital), and they will fill you in on all that stuff.

Hi All

I just wanted to say in regard to the chicken pox vaccination, I have had my daughter vaccinated in march just as there was a breakout at her daycare. Her GP said that it doesn't altogether stop them from getting it just lowers their risk. This may help you make a decision on the vac.

My daughter has too a variety of cups, she has just decided that she is going to be a big girl and use a plastic glass/cup, when she first started using this we usually ended up with a wet Paige and floor. She has a sports bottle too, that she loves using. Avent have just put out a 'Sportster' (no spills)put not cheap, she likes to have hers when I have mine when we are out and about.

Congrats to all new pregnant ones. I would love to have another baby, but am now a single soon to be divorced full time working mum. Maybe down the track....

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Hi everyone,

I have inudated you all with some info on the chicken pox vaccine and got the lovely message to say it is a moderate forum and the need to check what I have written I think!!!

Hopefully it will come through soon.

Hope you are all well.

Hi Hollie, I am due on the 10th Jan. Not far from you. This baby will be my third boy. Are you or hubby hoping for a spec sex? My hubby wanted a boy first and now he has three. I wish I got on the web before I had babies. Then I could have learnt heaps. Having a baby is such a big learning curve.

I don’t think we are having anymore kids after this one because my husband is going to get the ‘chop’. I was pretty proud of myself that I convinced him to do it.

Pauline 30
H 30
S 4
S 20months
S 6 months preg

mum of 3

i was hoping for a girl and thats what im getting im not sure what my partner wanted i think he was so shocked- we have only been together since xmas and i was on the pill and we used condoms but yet i still got preggers. do you(or anyone else) have any good websites? im always open for advice and suggestions.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Hi everyone,

Sal, everyone has the same reaction as you when they hear that I have 6 kids. In answer to your question of how do I do it .... It is hard at times, just like 1 can be, but you do what you have to do. If you ended up with 6, you would manage just fine too. This latest pregnancy was the biggest shock of all and it has taken me a little bit to get used to the idea. I'm going to have 3 aged 2.5 and under.

I personally don't like the idea of having an only child. I grew up as virtually an only child. My sister and brothers were teenagers when I was born, so I was pretty much on my own. It was very lonely but then I learnt to have a great imagination. I think it depends on what the parents are like. As a child my parents went through cancer(mum) and 2 heart attacks and surgerys (dad), so they didn't have a lot of time for me either. But I'm sure it could work out fine in normal circumstances.

Bigmama, I would love to have a house cleaner as well. With having so many children they have to learn to do their bit. Even my toddler 'helps'. He sweeps the kitchen for me ... and the lounge room and the walls and anywhere else he can reach.

Anyway, must be off. It is school holidays, so everyone's home and from what I can hear a war is breaking out in one of the bedrooms.


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