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where is everyone.

It does say that there are 11 members online. I would love to chat.

Storm 21/04/04,Blade 21/09/05 + one on the way

Hi there. This is the first time I have gone on line to chat. I am due to have my first in approx 5 weeks and I am petrified. I don't think my pain threshold is too flash. If there is anyone who has some good avice for me I would love to hear it.

Robyn, SA, 1st time mum

Hi Robbie,
Firstly congrats, secondly relax! I just had my 2nd 10wks ago so the memories are still fresh. Look I woould love to tell you it doesnt hurt, but I'd be lying. You will get through it and you will forget the pain.

My best advice is not to have a birth plan. Be open to whatever is needed at the time. I had both my babies (the 1st posterier pres.) using the gas and 1 shot of pethadine. I didn't get a great deal of relief from the pethadine but the gas was great. Esp if you get on it early, between contractions you feel wonderful. I didn't have a birth plan so I was not disapointed that I was not able to stick to it. I have had a few friends really disapointed when they didn't stick to theirs.

If you need an epidural go for it early. I was 10cm dilated with both when I gave in & asked for them. By then its too late. There is NO shame in asking for pain relief, do what you need to do.

Hope I have helped and good luck!! Be sure to let us know when you have bub
Thanks for your advice. I was doing fine until I had to watch that video at the antenatal class. thank goodness i dont have that view! my poor husband.

Robyn, SA, 1st time mum

Hi everyone,

I'm Brooke, often read these forums but dont post very often. I'm a mum of a 3y.o boy and a 1 y.o. girl. Both are what you call very busy children. I work part time at the local hospital about 5 days per fortnight.

Robbie, read your post and wish you lots of good luck. My main advice having had a difficult time with the first birth and a much easier time second time round is to stay as upright as much as you can. Gravity is a wonderful thing!!

I'll keep this first post brief, children are sleeping and there is lots to do before I go to bed.



hey robbie,
wow i'm so excited for you! I'd love to be preg again and about to give birth!! I don't know how much help this will be, but I went into my labour expecting the absolute worst, and I must say, afterwards (and even during), I was pleasantly surprised how much easier it was than I'd been anticipating! Yes, it hurts, but if you expect the worst, chances are you'll come out of it thinking it wasn't so bad after all!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hey Robbie, congrats!! Giving birth is painfull and yes i do recomend an epidural... but the moment that precious little baby is put in your arms you really lose all thought for anything else!!

My labour was horrible, and after 34 hours i gave in to the epi, and i really should have had it earlier as it sped up the labour. Don't knock back pethadine, it does work, lets you relax and rest, to conserve energy. (don't let my labour scare girl was very big and they induced me a week early is why it took so long!!).

Hubby won't care what it looks like when your baby comes out, it is amazing when you watch your own baby come into this world. My mum was there, and she cut the cord (bub's dad chickened out), she still says it was the best day of her life!!

I hope you have a nice easy labour, enjoy your baby, and don't let anyone stress you out!! If people are annoying you, tell them to go away!! They will understand.

Allison Mum to Jazmin (22mths)
Hi everyone,

I'm due to have my first baby in early Feb, and plan to go back to Uni two nights a week beginning at the end of Feb to complete my final two subjects so I can finally obtain my degree (after 6years of part-time study). My partner doesn't want me to leave the baby when it's so young, and doesn't think I'll cope. What do others think? Also, this will mean baby will need to be bottle fed the two evenings I'm away. Will this interfere with breastfeeding? This will only go on for about 12 weeks, just one semester.
I'd really appreciate any advice or shared experiences.
Hi there Miranda,

Congrats on upcoming birth in Feb, I bet your really excited!! I hope pregnancy is treating you well. I am not speaking from experience, but I think that you should be ok studying 2 nights a week. It may not be as easy as you are used to, as no doubt you will be tired, but I'm sure that you will be ok. I am sure that there are heaps of women out there that continue to study or even work straight after the birth of a child. As far as bottle feeding goes, maybe you could express, so that bubs continues to get breastmilk while your at Uni. I would get bubs used to drinking from the bottle well before your first night out though, so that you partner doesn't have trouble feeding. I used to express so that hubby could spend time feeding as well. The times that you are out would also be good bonding time for your partner and bubs. I know hubby loves his 'boys time' when I go out. Also I am sure that you would feel great to finish your degree instead of having it incomplete for some time. Good Luck with it all!! smile

Hello everyone else... hope you and little ones are all doing great!!!

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

hi don't know if this help but i was in the middle of a semester when i had my son. I think i only missed a week or two. Luckily if was the mid semester break. I was doing four subjects at the time and managed to pay. I wasn't so good after that year but that isn't the point.

I can't help you with the breast feedign part cause breastfeeding didn't work for me so my son was on formula bottles.

If you are determined you will cope. Your partner is probably not sure he can cope without yu there????

Hope that helps

Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

Hey All, was just wondering if anyone is online??? Wanted to chat.

I just for the first time in my life, successfully made an item of clothing for my daughter. I made her christmas overalls, and they fit and haven't fallen apart!!! I have never been able to sew, so ai was surprised that i made the overalls without having to do any unpicking!

Well, if any one is online i would love to chat, I have MSN, you can add me as a contact,

[email protected]

Allison Mum to Jazmin 22mths
Hi leahrush,

We run Kelmscott Tenpin Bowl in WA. We open at 9am & close between 10 & 12pm 7 days. We only close on Christmas Day. This year I think we are going to close on Boxing Day as well.

It is hard running your own business that operates as many hours as we do. I am lucky as my sister looks after Ashlyn alot. Today she is with her Grandfather.
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