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Hi Guys,
Am relatively new here, would love to join the chat. Im 27 married have a 7 m.o boy Jack. Have read all your posts congrats to all of you pregnant mums , I loved being pregnant its the best time! Maybe except for the last few weeks especially when they are in the middle of summer!!!
Hi Brae,

I am 29 years old and have an 18 mth old named Jack. Good name!!

You'll love it here, as you can see everyone if full of information which is good.

I think I am the chatterbox out of all of us!!!

Bigmama- LMAO!! No, I love summer- I just don't like all the flies & mozzies that come with it!!!!!!!!!!
That wasn't the site I was thinking of smile I find some people on there like to spin yarns!!! I have come across a lot of contradictions! *sigh* No the site I was thinking of was bellybelly????????????????

Brae- welcome and Sal is right, she sure is a chatterbox smile!!


mum of 1

How do you put those smilies in???

Is anyone else on broadband?

Jo...What does LMAO mean? Sorry I am not good at those things. I find the heinz site hilarious. Especially that strange one abusing everyone just for the hell of it.
I have never heard of bellybelly. I think that I am going to search for that one now.

Hi Brae, welcome here

Sal, I would post a lot if my stuff wasn't sent to the moderator so much.

mum of 3

hey sal
its mainly dairy(my partnes herd manager) but we do have some sheep and beef but the boss looks after them. $20 mil would be nice. what would that be in nz?goodluck.
welcome brae(sorry if i spelt it wrong) im 18 and preggers with #1 due jan 7th which they tell me is a girl.
i love the summer-the sun, the pretty flowers, going to the beach, bbqs, laxing in the river........... but i agree with the mozzie thing, they drive me bonkers.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Hi everyone
My messages keep on going in late and no one probably sees them because other post get accepted after it. Oh well:(

Jo, I found bellybelly (wrote something in the last post that went to the moderator). I saw someone there called bigmumma I think? No that's not me.
I was only joking about the summer thing. I think we agreed about the weeds though.

Holz, I had a BBQ tonight. I love them too.

Now the big question is whether this post will go straight through????? No naughty words or other web sites - check.
Lets see what happens??

mum of 3

Sorry Sal,

that hobby farm is going to have to wait!!! My kids have already put dibs on the 20m powerball this week. Maybe next time for you?

Hi Hollie,

what a special baby you must be having!! My birthday is on the 7th January. Mum says I was the longest pregnancy in history. When the doctor first told her that she was pregnant, they said that I was due in November. And they stuck to that! Mum went around telling everybody but of course November came and went without me. I hope that doctor isn't still in practice. Of course that was 34 years ago.....
Hi everyone,

Barb - We can share the 20 mil, I just want enough to pay the morgage, credit card and buy a spanking new car! Even though I am happy with my family wagon, a new car would be nice. We could then live off hubby's income nicely.

Bigmama - the moderator ain't going to stop me from being a chatterbox!

To all the other mums, hope you are all well as well as the little ones. And to those who are pregnant, hope everything is going well also.

HI guys,
Thanks for the warm welcome ! I agree with the comments about the heinz website which has certainly become very petty. Im sorry but I brought the winning powerball ticket yesterday!! I wish! A hobby farm would be good I agree, we have 6 acres but only cats dogs and chooks. And Sally theres nothing wrong with chatterboxes, they keep the conversation going!
hehe i live all they way over in nz so i get to keep the 6 mil(?) all to my self(well i might have to share). geez im greedy.
i keep forgetting what it says on the other posts must be losing my mind.
does anyone have any hints on buying carseats, nappy bags and other baby stuff? and any tips for summer maternity wear-swimwear, skirts, dresses etc? im having heaps of trouble looking for things as i am only 18 and most of the stuff i find is too old for me if you can understand where im coming from?

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

I am missing a post but anyway......I will still carry on.

Jo, can you tell me how to put those smilies in???

I occasionally make a donation to those people who win the lotteries. Glad I can do my part:)smilesmile because I never win!

Hollie, you asked about good web sites before. Are you looking for pregnancy ones, health ones, baby ones???

Pauline 30
H 30
Jacob 4
Fletcher 20 months
Harrison 25 wks preg

mum of 3

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