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hey liz,
my day sucked! sort of. my car wouldn't start this morn, so i couldn't go to work (so i got to spend the whole day with my lil boy)!! the bit that sucked was running around to buy jump leads ... that didn't help, then getting racv, then running round to buy a charger for my car batt!! wow! exhausting day to say the least!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

hi im in adelaide due feb 15th hope everybody is going well. i found some really groovy pics..4d image at
its a website for women who have had accidental pregnancies but once u get past teh music..or click to the home page theres some kool stuff.
any1 else know a cool website with pics?

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Wow what a hectic day. My day was pretty good. My daughter started to crawl today so i was pretty excited.
Hi All,
How is everyones day, I cant wait for school to start, I recived good news my son whom was going to repeat preschool has been given a prep place wich means five days instead of 2or 3 days a week yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I had his name down for ages but was told he didnt have a place then they got a cancellation. Now just have to get a kindy or childcare spot for my other one. Any way hope your all getting ready for xmas and enjoying the holidays will talk to you all later.

Mel, Qld 2 boys

Hi All,

Is anybody online? I've just had my 12wk old weighed and her gain was v low. Her length and head circ. were good tho. I just don't know wether to put her on formula or not. Everytime i think I will I feel guilty about it. Any thoughts?
Hi Cath, i had the same problem with my daughter. She would never put on enough weight. Everytime i went to the clinic they told me to take her to see a doctor about her weight, and the doctor would tell me that her weight was fine. Also had a doctor tell me not to worry about how much weight a baby gains in the first 1 year. In the end i had to put on formula but regret it after the doctor told me not to worry about it. I say if you think your daughter is ok then leave on the breastmilk because only you know what is best for her.
Hi Cath

I would keep taking her to be weighed regularly and keep asking whether her weight gain is OK. If the clinic / doctor isn't worried then you probably don't need to worry either. Don't forget that it's the average weight gain over the month and not necessarily the week by week gains that are comparable (they have growth spurts at odd times and you can easily be just due for one when you weigh).

Then again, if your instincts are telling you that there is something wrong then put your mind at ease by getting a second opinion. Try another doctor, a different nurse or sister or try a paedtrician. Also the breastfeeding assoc can be quite helpful if you're having breastfeeding problems.

And above try not to feel guilty about formula. Remember you can always do both. My son has been on both formula and breast milk from birth and he is now 12 months old. The paedtrician put him on "comp feeding" while he was still in hospital because I could not produce enough milk for him.

I expressed with an electric pump after every feed to try and build up my supply but it never made much of a difference. Most days he would have a "top up" bottle after every feed (say 40 mls). The best thing about this was that it meant that feeding duties could be shared with daddy. I am still breastfeeding him at 12 months even though I had supply problems.

If you find that you do need to supplement with formula (or switch to just formula) don't feel guilty. You've done the best that you can - sometimes things just don't work. My advice is don't just assume that breastfeeding is the problem however. IF there is a problem (still only an if at this stage) it may be something else. And if you do need to use formula you can still breastfeed.

Hope this helps - good luck

Jodie, Sydney, CJ born 5/12/03

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