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Hi Brae,

May I ask where do you live? 6 acres would be nice. I would love to be a dog breeder, one of the reasons why I would like a hobby farm.

Although our new puppy last night decided to bring alot of dirt into the house and position himself nicely on my lounge and Jacks small couch!!!!!

Haven't told hubby yet.
hi all
i was asking about pregnancy web sites and health ones(i cant even remember where i wrote that as so many fly into space).
and how do you put the happy faces in?i can do it in my emails but thats as far as i have advanced at the moment.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Hi Holly,

Babycenter is a good website that you might find useful, you can enter the details of your pregnancy etc and they email you weekly with what is happening to your body etc, and when bubs is born they tell you about the babys development/what to expect.

With regards to smiles, all you need to do it type a abbreviation and it will convert to a smily face. To find out the abbreviation, scroll down to the end of the post page and you should find the help page.

If this appears with a smiley winking, then it has worked. wink
Hi Hollie,

I have replied to your last note and it has gone into cyberspace.

Hopefully it will come through soon.
With the smilies, don't forget to give it room on eithor side. Have a look at help on the right hand side of this site.

LMAO-Laugh my arse off. (This will be going to the mod!)

Glad you found BB, it's a really supportive site.

The Heinz site is funny, Berta (and her many personalities) was so rude it was funny. I believe she may be a member of this site as well but I wouldn't have a clue who it is??

I can't remember what else was said so I'm going to post this and come back!


mum of 1

I knew my post would go to cyberspace!

Bigmama- Unfortantly we can't get broadband as our phone line is split into 2, or some such rot. It's good in one way as it shouldn't cost loads of $$$$ when we get another line put in.

Holz- I was pregnant over summer (and I swear it was the hottest summer....) I brought some cheap (very) cotton shorts in Big W a few sizes larger than what I normally wear, for around the house. About 4 maternity tee's, 2 decent tops to wear to chrissy parties (maternity). I wore my normal cargo shorts/3/4 pants with the belly belt. I raided my husbands wardrobe. And the best buy was 2 cotton shirts in the mens department of stores! Lucky for me I was signed off sick, from work so didn't have to have any really dressy things.

Brae- What state do you live in? We have nearly 7 acres that house 2 cats and 2 sheep!


mum of 1

And a 3rd post in a row!!!!!!!!!!

I just realised how rude I have been not asking you all how your pregnancys are going.

*slapping myself on the wrist*

How are we all feeling?? Good, bad or otherwise?


mum of 1

Hi Jo. I hate being pregnant, but I love having a new baby.
My Dr told me today that if my BP dropped again to 80/40 like te other night then I should go straight to A&E. Not likely I thought. Then I would be waiting for an hr in there and just feel worse. Where as I can lie down at home and be better in about 20mins. I have heaps of trouble with fainting when I am preg. I do manage it, hubby does a lot when I am preg. I can usually get dressed in the morning, do breakfast, get the kids dressed and brush teeth...then I sit down before I faint. I blacked out at the NRMA counter with the 2nd preg and how embarressing was that!!!!

mum of 3

Hi Hollie,

I don't know how hot your summers are but I live in Queensland and it gets really hot. For my pregnant summers I went and bought bikinis (would never ever wear them any other times - unfortunately I don't have the bod) and some sarongs. All I ever wore at home was the bikini top and a sarong tied around my belly.

I had given away all my maternity clothes before I had my last 2 so I had to try to dress on a very tight budget. For clothes for generally going out (to shops etc.) I went to one of the shops that sells what you would call hippy type clothes. I bought a few loose flowing cheesecloth type dresses and these worked well right up to the birth. I was also able to wear them afterwards until I could fit my normal clothes again.

Hope this might give you a few ideas. I don't like much of the maternity clothes in the stores. Even though I am 34 I still feel a lot younger and they are just not my style.

Morning all,
Big Momma I hope you are taking it easy and your BP is ok.
We live in a little town called Lal Lal, it is about 20kms out of Ballarat ,VIC. 6 acres is good but keeps us busy. Jo would love a sheep but my husband thinks they are too high maintenance (Crotching ,shearing etc). I would like an alpaca but they cost an arm and a leg!
Sally what type of pup do you have? They are lots of fun, but a bit naughty, we actually have a pair of Jack Russells whom we allow to consumate their relationship ( so to speak) we have had 2 litters.
Hollie I agree its a bit hard to find maternity clothes that look ok without spending too much. Big W is good, have you tried ebay? I got some great stuff from the local op shop too, some great shirts for work.Some hipster type pants are ok to cos you can do them up under your belly.
So whereare you guys all from???
Hi Brae,

Been up early this morning, little one decided 6am was a good start to the day!

I have a golden retriever who is 16 weeks old, it is like having a baby all over again. We did have an Alaskan Malamute, but she sadly passed away at the beginning of the year.

I live in Cranbourne Melbourne, people say where is that, I say we are 45 mins from Phillip Island. You have to go through Cranbourne to get to Phillip Island.

Hi Sally,
My Jack was up at 6 too!! Why do they always wake up early when youve stayed up late the night before?
Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs and Ive heard they are great with kids too! Wow your in Cranbourne, thats not so far away I was born and raised in Melb, moved up here when teen,Dad and grand parents still in Melb and we are often down visiting.(only 1hr drive).
Have a great day
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