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After searching for something for DD's room i think i'm going to get THIS.
I've never bought anything from Ikea, so is the quality of their items fairly decent. It's going to have books in it and then i'll get some type of basket or container for the other holes and fill with toys etc. I don't want it to fall apart in a few months, I can buy something form the Reject shop that will do that lol.
In my experience- ikea furniture is realy good quality for the price. My family have a lot of ikea stuff which is going strong. My gran has an ikea table which is almost 15 years old.
I love IKEA & have quite a few pieces that my boys have not managed to destroy (compared to other brands)

What you want to get for your dd is what my mum wants for her house & another friend has 2 of them that she uses for the same purpose you are going to

They are awesome. We have one of those bookcases with heaps of stuff in it. We have probably had it for 3 years now and it is till going strong!

Their drawers on the other hand have been completely destroyed by my boys!
we have had our book case thingy for a bit over 2 years and it still looks brand new.
Our whole house is full of Ikea furniture, we love it, it's good quality. We have 2 of those Expedit shelves (the bigger ones.) They are great and we've had one for about 3 or 4 years and the other for about 2 years.
I LOVE Ikea.. we have a lot of baby furniture from there and lights etc.. When we go to perth next week i'll be buying stuff for DD's room. They seem to be very good quality for the price you pay and i've never heard of anyone having any problems with it.

Thanks. Looks like i'm going for a trip to Homebush soon. Are they at DFO?
I love Ikea furniture and also have 1 of those shelves and they are really good and light weight and have differnt containers and stuff that fit into them.

They arn't at DFO it's down a bit further inside Rhodes shopping centre

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