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I'm feeling really distraught(sp?) at the moment. Wednesday I was diagnosed with mastitis got antibiotics and then yesterday it got worse so doctor said to go up immediately and i got some stronger meds and also a cream to heal the cracks quicker. I can't feed Hunter on the left side at all. as my nipple is extremely swollen and he refuses to latch onto it so have had to express. in the last 2 days my milk supply has dropped dramatically, so much that i've had to top up 3 times yesterday but only once so far today luckily of roughly 30mls each time. I think the redness has faded but it's still there. has anyone else had the swollen nipple etc with mastitis. i really want to continue breastfeeding but i'm worried that he may not get enouh from me. I've been pumping quite frequently on the left side and also pumping on the right side after he feeds to try and boost my milk. does anyone know any other ideas?

thanks, I really want to continue

Alyce xo

bumping for useful answers cause sorry i aint got any

DS 11/01/08 DD 20/12/2009

thanks smile

Keep up your fluids like 3ltrs a day. Keep expressing and add nipple stimulation when your in the shower as much as you can with the pain. Also massage any lumps while expressing to help dissolve any blockages, a warm washer over the top of the breast while feeding and expressing will encourage the milk letdown. If you are worried in a few days ask your Dr about maxalon as it helps milk production.

Cheers Ness

Maybe call the ABA, there is bound to be someone who can help. Also I think you are doing great.
I had mastitis quite bad when I had DD. I would go into the shower and just hand express the milk out with a warm washer on my breast.

Also had the chaffed/cracked/bleeding nipples. I was given lanolin cream and best present anyone gave me. It worked almost instantly and really helped. You can get it from the chemist. I believe it is more a barrier cream than an antisceptic, but it did the trick for me.

Hope this helps. You are doing a great job and hope things start to work better for you soon.

thanks smile, i'm just worried the antibiotics aren't working yet again. I just hope everything can be resolved before DF goes back to work on the 7th january

Big hugs - you sound like you need them. You're doing brilliantly. I think following the medical advice you've been given for the mastitis/nipple care is the best thing. I've had mastitis and sore nipples, but nothing like you're describing.

As for your milk supply issue, keep feeding ans pumping as frequently as you can. Drink heaps of water and try to rest as much as possible with a newborn and two toddlers! I had supply issues a few months ago when I had gastro; I got a herbal supplement called Breastfeeding Support (the brand was Herbs of Gold). It was fantastic. I went from having next to no milk to leaking in 3 nights.

Good luck.
After nipples ahve healed. Try reattaching as this is what causes cracked and grazed nipples as well as they arent on the booby properly..

Posted by: *Wishfullthinking*
After nipples ahve healed. Try reattaching as this is what causes cracked and grazed nipples as well as they arent on the booby properly..

Good point. Maybe see someone. I was told by the hospital midwives that DS2 was attaching properly and that things would improve. It got to the point that I couldn't feed at all on one side. I saw a lactation consultant who taught me to attach differently and I was able to feed from that side straight away, even with the cracked and previously bleeding nipple.
bumping for Alyce
Oh hun, big hugs! I don't really have any advice that hasn't already been said...i hope you can get it sorted soon're doing a fantastic job smile

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