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Hey Alyce, haven't read the other posts so might be doubling up but, I would keep expressing so atleast you have the supply there, you can eat particular food that help boost your supply Dee ahs posted them on the site somewhere.

When you do sort out your mastitis make sure everytime you feed you check your breasts for lumps, if you find a small lump rub at it will baby is feeding. Make sure you check up under your arm pits too. That was the best advice I ever received and I have never had mastitis.

Good luck with it all and I hope you can continue with your breastfeeding.

How time flies!!

Have you tried nipple shields?? They are the best invention EVER! When ds had trouble attatching early on I used these.They protect the nipple and help baby attach beautifully
You can get them at any chemist and they are quite cheap!
Good Luck!

With my first I had the cracked nipples and bapantham was the only thing that got rid of it. Also in the showing expressing. a hot face washer on the breast I was feeding on with the cracked nipple. it was horrid I had a cracked nipple on both sides UMM pain freakin ful. I did cabbage leaf on my breasts and hot showers. I was so weak with mastitus that I was in bed sweating and my dh had to help me to the The puss was foul.

I feel for you but dont panic I went on to feed my son fully and I never had the problem again.
Hey there, I hope you are feeling a bit better.

I agree with what most have already said and I had it really bad I found Lanolin the best cream, cold cabbage leaves helped amazingly between feeds (expression) and express after and between each feed. If you can feed off the breast then try and position bub so that his chin is directed towards any lumps you might have 0 this will help to drain them well and reduce the infection quicker. if you have any nipple shells (these are like a solid shield but a hard plastic mold that seals on your breast just away to catch any milk)if you can get a full seal I use to put these on in my bra and have a really hot shower massaging while I was in there - if you get a complete seal you can then use the milk for top ups if needed - if any shower water gets in then unfortunately you need to chuck it out

Good luck hon you sound like you are doing the right things and keep your chin up it took almost 2.5 days for me to really notice any difference after starting the antibiotics

Posted by: Mummy*s little boys
I got a herbal supplement called Breastfeeding Support (the brand was Herbs of Gold). It was fantastic. I went from having next to no milk to leaking in 3 nights.

Can I please ask where you got this from?

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when i had dd i got an old school mid wife and she was brillant and i was able to feed d till 9.5mth when i had to ween her for medical reasons.

this was the advice i got. when expressing use 2 bowls one filled with water as hot as you can stand it 1 with ice cold water. you swap them over reguarly while you express.

While you nipple heals use a nipple shield. So many people will tell you it decrease your milk etc but i never had a problem and you don't have to use them long term. I did use mine for 16wks with dd but then she was tiny and it helped her attach when she got that bit bigger she didn't need it.

good luck xoxo

i''''m baking a baby

thanks everyone for your advice. the mastitis seems to be slowly clearly now but the left nipple is still swollen. i'm pumping but my milk is really low i only get maybe 10mls out of my left side an hour which to me doesn't sound right. Monday DF is going to take me to a health centre where we can see a lactation consultant for free so i'm hoping she can show me other ways to get him to latch better on the left side.

Hey Alyce, glad to hear you think it is clearing it is so not fair to put up with that pain on top of everything else involved with a little bub lol
at the clinic I take Drew they have lactation consults and they are brilliant so I hope you have great success with yours. Something you might want to try then is to either use the footy hold or lay down to feed, not sure why but these 2 positions seemed less painfull tl the worst time passed.

Also agree with pp about nipple shields, I got mine from coles just Avent ones I think about $7 and OMG the difference as bub could not flatten to his hearts content lol
I used the blanched cabbage leaves to haha (stick then in the crisper so they are cold when you put them on and ahhhh )
good luck sweets let us know how you go

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