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Whats the one(maybe two or more) thing you hate about this time of year?? Is it shopping, family, santa, whatever...

the money you spend. especially if chrissy lunch is at your house this year, which it is for us. we just came back from shopping and ooohweee, that was expensive!
for the last 6ish weeks it has been finding a house and having our offer taken that i have hated about this time of year. he thought of moving over christmas is terrible.

Normally though it is who is going where and whast times etc etc

i''''m baking a baby

My family dosnt do Christmas so this time of year really frustrates me in lots of different ways. I'm very respectful of ppl who do do xams however I do get a little 'over' the complaining of all the money thats spent, all the stress of catering for a large family dinner, the stress for me trying to take 4 children grocery shopping in those rediculas crowds, the never ending driving around and around trying to locate a car park! LOL. I do not envy you ppl who celebrate xmas however enjoy your special day.
I hate having to do normal day to day shopping in the horrendous crowds and the rudeness of people at christmas time. People seem to lose all manners and patience when christmas shopping.

And trying to find a car park is a nightmare even when you try to get out early to beat the crowds!!!

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Well I work in a major supermarket and have to put up with seriously angry people in the 2 weeks til Christmas.
Its amazing how many people say "I can't believe how busy it is" Well der they are there for the same reaon as everyone else!!!!!

But having said that I LOVE CHRISTMAS,they haven't broken me yet!

Edited to say my HUUUUGE pet hate about Christmas is people who write Xmas,AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! It drives me insane!
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I can't stand the way my ex complains about christmas, he doesn't like catching up with family and he doesn't like spending money. It's the week before and he's complaining cause he can't afford to buy for anyone, it's not like he didn't know it was coming, I start planning in June.

sheesh I think I was just breaking into a rant! I generally love christmas.
The heat!

Oki, I hear you on the whole thing working in a major supermarket at christmas time. I worked for woolies for 5years and this year is my first year out of all that shit. And i can say, i don't miss it one bit!

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