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What to call the grannies Lock Rss

I was just interested to know if people have different names for the granparents? And not the traditional Nanas and Pops. Not that I dont like these names, just curious to know what children call their grannies???
For my parents my kids call them Nanny and Grandy, even though my mum much prefers Nana my kids still prefer to say Nanny while they are little.

With my DH's parents they call his mum Nanny Chook and his dad is Poppy. Nanny Chook got named from one of her 1st grandkids as my inlaws have chickens in their yard my nephew just use to associate her as Nanny Chook and the name has just stuck with all the grandkids.

I find it great that the 2 sets of parents have different names as its easier then for my kids to know which set we are talking about etc.

Hi, My mum is Grams, and dad is Pop, DH dad is Poppy.

A few names that my Grandparents have been called by various cousins are -
Gokky (Gdad)
Gunnie (Gma)

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Hi, my children call my parents.
NoNa and NoNo (italian heritage)

They call my husbands parents
Nanny and Grand dad

They call my husbands grandparents
GrandNan and Pa

Its great because they all have different names and you know who they are talking about.

Netta Nsw 27 yrs old 2yr girl/ 1yr boy

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