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My farewell cuddle with Frances.... Lock Rss

OMG... I am still lost for words... and this is not me....

The Duffy family has relocated back to WA for hubby's work.. I have been absolutely flat out with packing, farewells, sorting out finances and so on....

For the past few weeks Frances has been trying to pin me down for a morning tea to say good bye... however I have been so busy and haven't managed to get over.... anyway on Friday I sent Frances a message saying I could drop over on Saturday arvo for a cuddle, quick catch up and cuddle good bye... NOTHING prepared me for what Frances was hiding....

Frances said to me... A few girls on huggies had put in and had orgainised a little something from when Immy was in hospital....

Frances gave me the most gorgeous card made out of a hard cover with lots of pictures of my family and lots of very special messages from you special huggies mums. Then a special hand made photo album which I will fill with my most special pictures from Immy's journey while having her open heart surgery. Ness had made all of the girls a hand made bracelet each with a special heart on each one to symbolise Immy's operation and Hubby a key chain with each childs first initial... 2 gorgeous decorated enviro bags....pj's for all of the kids (which they all wore last night) at this stage my mouth was on Frances floor.... I was completely floored and lost for words..... with tears in my eyes I just coud not believe how special and what my huggies friends and been up to behind my back... lol

Frances then said "we have one more gift however with everything happening with your move we wanted to wait until you get to WA to sort it out".... I was like... omg... more...

Frances then said I have $350 to orgainise a house cleaner and clean my house... words cannot explain how I felt at Frances house or the tears that I shared.... I was and am completely lost for words.... when telling friends and family that are not on huggies what you girls have done.... they just cannot believe it either....

I truly am so lost for words however am forever in debt with all of you.... I want to say "Thank you"..... "Thank you for all your support, love, kind words and just being my friends!!


Now I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Marita, Frances, Emma, Naomi, Denae, Maryanne, Suzee, Justy, Trina, Katie, Kristy, Ro, Shana, Mary, Naomi, Dee, Tracy, Nicky, Lauren, Jo, Ness and Mia.

I also want to say thank you to everyone on huggies for everything!!! all the support, love and prayers while on our journey with Immy and her heart condition.

I am also happy to report our last visit to Mr Mc Spunky's office... Immy has been given the thumbs up... and her ticker is working well... so at this stage she does not need a second op and we don't have to see the cardio team until Sept 10....

I am truly blessed to have clicked on that "JOIN HERE" button on Huggies....

Thank you!!

omg! wow! more tears from me now!! lol thats amazing!!
I hope everything goes really well with the move Tammy and wish you and your family all the best for the festive season. Immy is doing so well and that's awesome news that she doesn't need another op, so here's hoping it stays that way!!

To the Huggies mums that were in on the special all rock!! Your kindness and generosity has made me believe there ARE still some genuine caring people out there, and you should all be proud of yourselves....well done!!

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

it was our pleasure duffy xx

It certainly was out pleasure Duffy! You deserve it, that and a whole lot more.

Big thanks to Frankie and Marita for getting it all together for us!! Mwah xoxox

It was our absolute pleasure. What we did for you was NOTHING compared to what you and your family went through.

What a lovely thing to do..

Good luck with your move, and so glad to hear your precious daughter is doing so well smile

Ree xx
You are lucky to have lovely friends like that duffy.

Glad that everything is going good with precious Immy and good luck with the move!!
I am still chuffed.... and cannot believe it... the girls have there bracelets on.... so so pretty.... you girls are so clever!!!! Daniel has also put his key chain on his keys...

I am glad you liked them and happy it put a smile on your face smile
Enjoy your clean house!!
Glad Immy is doing well too.

Thanks to Marita and Frances for doing all the organising and thanks for those who gave their time to make the gifts.

My babies are all grown up sad

Tammy in the short time we have known eachother you have done more for me than anyone I have known for years !!

the fact you came with me to that very frist scan when I was petrified and you were happy to pick up the piece was a huge thing ..none knew what the outcome of that was going to be ...and you didnt care were just doing what no one else was prepaired to do ...hold my hand regardless ....that was a big thing ! !

was also good of you to be so understanding when I gave you a used positive pregnancy test thinking it was unused !! LMAO !! ..I STILL cant belive I did that !! lol lol lol

I dont think it is going to matter what city or state your living in ...I recon we will be mates would be nice if you diddnt live sooooo bloody far away ..but those WA girls are a nice mob and I am sure they will look after you !! lol lol lol

Anyway ..Marita did a huge effort with organizing the card and Casey did a fantastic job making it ..turned out fantastic ..Immy looks super cute with her bracelet ..I have pics on my camera I will post for you all ...the bags and the photo frame were fantastic !! all made this happen adn it was so easy running around chasing anyone all saw it was for Duffy and it happened mean alot to alot of people Tam is your strength and sence of humor that I admire the most

let me know how the cleaner gos Tam !!

lots of love and happy you have arrived safely !!

well you have just successfully made me cry ( and thats a hard thing to do!!!)

To give a little to you and your family after what you have all been through has been our pleasure, I know the love and support that was given to me after Ethan was admitted to hossy was just amazing and to be able to give that back in a small way is awesome.

I hope things settle soon after the move and by sound of it Immy is doing great..

Merry Christmas sweet
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