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Who makes you weak at the knees...! Lock Rss

I'm loving the D & G adds right now with Matthew McConaughey strutting his stuff....he makes me weak at the knees - I love his body, his smile & his accent!

So it just got me wondering.....what celebrity makes you weak at the knees????

drew barrymore in
the wedding singer
50 first dates
charlies angels
music and lyrics

allyson hartigan 90% of the time

Michael Buble
Paul Rudd
Jason Bateman
Ryan Reynolds
Matthew McConaughey
Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Mark Paul Gosslar
Mark Wahlberg
Will Smith - especially in Hitch! OMG!
Jon Bon Jovi
Mark Blucas - he played riley finn in buffy and has a few roles in other movies. i just watched the jane austen book club and he was it in. damn that boy is cute!

and that is it. not much talent around these days that are around my age.
zac hanson
corey parker (plays for broncos)
chad michael murray
jensen ackles
stan (who just won aus idol)
jay (off playschool cant spell his surname tho lol)
and anthony wiggle LOL

also beyonce
and jessica alba

this guy.... warning dodgy pic...

Also Alexander Skarsgård
Josh Holloway
Paul walker
Hugh Jackman

I know he's old but I have SUCH a thing for Sean Connery.....

Don't mind Antonio Banderas either.

I think I have a thing for accents.
Without a doubt Rob Thomas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had a serious crush on him for around 10 years and I am actually meeting him in February.I can't wait!!!!!!!!

I also have a front row seat to the Sydney show,I will need my depend undergarments that night!

Paul Walker
George Clooney
Justin Timberlake

Robbie Williams
Jensen Ackles
Shane Crawford

Jason Statham
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