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hi gals,
ive just been thinking about my photos of kayla when she was first born, i havent got many as it totally slipped my mind at the time but the ones i have are all blury they werent taking with a digital just a normal camera, im really bummed about it to as they are important to me. is there any way i can take away the bluriness, does photo shops do it and is it possible?

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

I'm not so sure what you can do to get rid of the blurriness. But I know how you feel. I am a pretty bad photographer, and I don't have a whole heap of ds as a baby that are any good. The only ones that are good are the professional ones I have had taken (from the bounty vouchers you get when bubs is born) and any pixie photo specials that have been on when I've been out and about.

We bought a digital camera when ds was 2 (he's now 4) and there's heaps of him from 2 and up but not much as a bub.

Also there's heaps of our daughter (who is 9 months) and I am so glad for the digital camera because it takes me at least 10 shots before getting a decent one of her, like I said I am a pretty bad photographer.

I did the same with my first born - but with a new digital video camera and it could take stills so we snapped away then took them into the shop to get done and they were crap - the card was only 16mb and we took 300 photos and it didnt even tell us that the card was full.

I am so bummed they were her first day home and her first bath and things like that.

Maybe try taking them to a photo shop, they do pretty good things with old photos so maybe they can do osmething??

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