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Lets go Thomas Train (eyes and mouth moves) Lock Rss

The one where Thomas eyes and mouth moves, sensor when you talk. I was wondering if anyone bought one from Target? How much were they selling it for? and was it that one that was in the catalogue a few weeks ago for $20?
thats the one. i got one for my nephew, and it drives me up the wall lol, the slightest vibration seems to set it off. but the boys have fun with it grin


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Did you buy it from Target? and how much did you pay? i went into toys r us yesterday and seen them there for $99, iam regretting the fact that i didnt buy it from target when i saw it a few weeks back.
When it first came out it was $99, about 2 months ago they reduced the price to $39 (thats when my parents bought it for DS2) and a few weeks ago they had it for $29.

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