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Fun Car Lock Rss

Hi, I just got an email saying my fun car has been mailed and I should receive it within 14 days. So excited (I must need a life lol) Anyway, has anyone received their's yet. What's it like?

I got the email today as well!

Can't wait - my kids are going to love it!

2 cutie kids!

yep got my email too smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I sent my barcodes away around early April and got an email yesterday. We received the car this morning and my daughter loves it. She keeps grinning and making 'vum vum' noises in it.

To teach is to learn twice

Got Our Fun Car Today

I Know What U Mean That It Needs seats my little one ended up dragging her lounge chair inside and playing.. very dissapointed we dont have a tunnel now. She Would Have Loved It Even more.. Got the Car at 8am ( Took Me 30 Minutes of grabbing the ples back of her to set up) And She Still Hasnt Left It.. Had Breaky inside!! Ohmigod life would have been easier with this a long time ago...
Good One H*ggies Love the work!
I Might be Able to have a shower today!!
Our fun car arrived yesterday and it is great!

I was more excited than Logan was hahaha.

It also came with a sample Huggies change mat! Nice bonus when you are not expecting it!!!!

We are very happy with it!

Hope you all get yours soon!

Justine smile

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks

Hi there,
I too got my email last Friday 28th April saying that my car was on the way.
Well to my suprise it turned up this morning, 3rd May and since then our son has not left it.
It took me around 5 minutes to put it together and they whole entire time our son kept jumping up and down and making all sorts off noises off excitement.
It is truly fantastic, words cannot describe the excitement our son is going through.
Congrats to Huggies again for another job well done. This is another great collection to our Huggies lot we already have.


Received the car on Tuesday and my daughter is loving it - she has found another use for it - she pushes either the front or the back and walks in it so it rolls as she goes - almost as if she was in a giant ball. The tunnel fits in beautifully.

Well done Huggies.

Camilla, VIC

I sent mine in last month, still havnt heard antthing sad Hopefully soon!
i am so upset we recently moved house and i had my envelope with the money order, and all the barcodes in my car, and they got lost in the move, i managed to find everything minus 1 barcode would there be anyone kind enough to send me one.
if so pls email me [email protected]
thanks guys, i'm so excited i hope they still have some.

IStole3ofHeavensAngels, 2 boys, 1 girl

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