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Its the end of a decade....what's happened to you these last 10 years Lock Rss

Just going through a mental list of things that have happened to me & my family these last 10 years....

I've had two Aunties pass
I've grieved with one of my best friends at the loss of her sleeping baby
My mum & dad are still alive and well (78 & 80 respectively)
I've gained another niece & nephew
I've met, fallen in love, gotten engaged and married my amazing DH.
I gave birth to my first beautiful darling daughter Stella
I only months later gave birth to my second beautiful darling daughter Zara.

I have made and lost so many friendships this decade and experienced the loss of loved ones.

I cant imagine what this next decade will bring but I hope I can hold on tight....the roller coaster is about to start!!!

Anyone else care to share what they've been through???

Lost all 4 grandparents
Had my children
Got married & divorced
Moved houses too many times to count
Went through family law courts twice both for extended periods
Really cant think of much considering 10 years is a long time. Mainly being mum for the last 10 years while working full or part time.

hrm that's a long time to be recalling but I'll give it a go!

Jan 28 all that time ago, uncle passed away
Met and ignored this amazing guy
Fell in love anyway
left home and moved to Alice Springs
Moved to Adelaide
Got married to amazing guy
Got my childcare cert
Moved to tiny town (population 800 - yuk)
Had my dd
Attended brothers wedding
Moved to current town
Started nursing training
Started work
Gained a neice
Gained a nephew
Started the house building process
Had many breakdowns along the way but still survived

The next decade I'm looking forward to in sooooo many ways!

Ten years - som much has happened and I'm only 26!!

Finished year 12
Lost first love in a car accident
Moved out of home
Met DH
Got engaged
Had DS
Grandfather passed away
moved to the other side of city
Got Married
Had DS2
Brought House
Had DD
Started speaking with my brother again
became friends with my sister (we have a strange relationship)
DS1 started and finshed prep - I cried
Found out DC #4 is on they way EEK!!

Over all a full on 10 years

broke up with a guy lost every thing ( yep i mean every thing, long story)

Meet some amazing friends
Started a great job
Got really sick
Meet a great guy
we bought a dog together LOL
Got pregnant
got engaged
Quiet the job 2 weeks before bubs due
Had a girl
got married
the trouble started with my in laws
got pregnant
Had a boy
started study
lost my uncle to cancer
had ectopic pregnancy lost my baby and my tube
Lost my father to heart attack
got pregnant
lost a friend
had baby
aced my studies with distinction
not getting much sleep lol
huge fight with dh nearly walk out on marriage
sorting our marriage out
in laws cause more trouble
find out this morning another relative is dying of cancer
Just want 2009 top go away!

I did some traveling
Work went to part time from casual
Got my wisdom teeth taken out.
Met hubby
Got married
Had bub
Left my job
Started our own business (before i left my job)
Almost lost my superman (my dad)
Can't wait for next year and it be time ttc number 2

Pre 2005 was pretty much a combination of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll! I had an absolute blast, went OS a couple of times and had a few surgeries, met Greg-that was the best thing EVER!!

From 2005 onwards, had Jaz, took her to London @ 6 months old, bought house, got married, had Zachy, more surgeries! Met some of the most FABULOUS people in the last few years, got screwed over a few times! 2 nieces, one died, new nephew (who lives in USA, will meet him in about a month!!)Ummmmm, that's about all!

All in all, have had a wicked past 10 years, I don't think I could really top it TBH!! Life doesn't get much better!! smile))))

ETA LOL forgot all about the jobs I have had and going to uni!!
[Edited on 31/12/2009]
I started & finished high school.

Met my wonderful DP during that time.
Also had so many fights/issues with my parents. Moving between houses.

Got pregnant
brought a house
had DD
had an ectopic pregnancy sad
Also put on a lot of weight

Now im looking forward to a new year!!!
Im joining the gym, i really what to change my life around, be more happy etc, make new friends. Also maybe try for another baby smile

finished high school
got a awesome job
got diagonosed with a rare disease which meant i had to quit awesome job
partied pretty hard
moved interstate
fell in love
had dd1
moved back to home state
moved back interstate
had dd2
got married
got seperated
found someone special
in the past 10 years i have gotten 4 nieces and 1 nephew
lost my nan
almost lost my step dad who is still hanging in
found out my real dad is a deadbeat (found out xmas day i have 5 more sisters and a brother all different mums)
in the next 10 years i'm hoping to continue my life how i am at the moment extremely happy and looking forward as there is no point looking back
in the last 10 years i

met and fell in love with Dh awww
lost 3 aunties, 1 great auntie, 1 uncle and 1 grandfather
brought our first house
got married
had DD1
brought a second house
had DD2

and along the way met some wonderful people

lol forgot to mention how much weight I've gained in the last 10 years....perhaps I wont mention it anywhere apart from in my head!!!!!

This next year is all about me and the next decade is dedicated to my little family.

Auld lang Syne to you all !!!
[Edited on 31/12/2009]

worked hard
karaokeed ALOT
met dh
sold a house (jointly owned with 2 bros)
moved in with dh
got engaged
bought a house
got married
had a ds
had a dd
went to 3 funerals (cousin, uncle and grandma) from my dh side and 2 on mine (grandpa and mum)

2010 sees me starting a new job and hopefully a great 10 more years with my family and no more funerals...
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