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well this is it Lock Rss

my final day in huggies
and it looks like with everyone out having a live it will be a very quiet night


I am one bottle of bubbly down and one to go with a mango crumble in the oven yum!
mango crumble sounds beautiful

It is so good, lots of cream on top for me lol.

I hope you have enjoyed your time on Huggies, even if I haven't ever spoken to you lol.
yep i have loved almost every minute of it

and when i didnt it was because of what was going on in my life not huggies
and i will continue to recommend it to parents i meet as a great place for resource and info and parents being parents with every day issues

I don't have a life so I am here.

I don't think we really spoke but I have enjoyed reading your posts its been nice having a male around here.
I recommend Huggies to people all the time lol, I have 2 friends who are pregnant and one who is TTC atm.

My crumble is cooked so I am off. Going to watch Boondock Saints and Nine now.

Hope you have a great night and a few more people pop in to say goodbye.

thank you and enjoy your night and all the best for the future

cam and jacks mum thank you too
i am hoping somemore males become regulars in here just for a little more balance but it isn't looking good

It would be nice if there were more males around.

have you got anything planned for tonight?
I'm here too.. I have no night life - the days keep me busy
Song that just came to my head when I read your heading was.

I have had the time of my life or that is a line from the song.

All the best you will be missed your male perspective on things..

Seeya cant say even on the flip side sad

Had to get rid of the quote opps to many wines lol
[Edited on 31/12/2009]

i cant really complain about have ing no life as i choose that way
i quite like my nughts in with time to do what i want
so unless it is a very small get together with friends i prefer to be alone

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