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Vegetarians? Rss

Hi there everybody! I was just curious as to how many vegetarians might be out there. I'm vegetarian and my 10 month old DS is at present. He'll eventually be given meat but not untill he's at least 12 or 18 months old. He loves his tofu and vegies, mixed beans and vegies and he recently just started on natural yoghurt mixed with stewed fruit. He also gets a good dose of flaxseed oil with most of his dinners - he eats better than I do! smile He's also still breast fed 5-6 times a day so I make sure that I eat quite well (OK I am a chocolate FREAK!!) I just wanted to know if anyone else out there had meat free bubs! I'm sure everyone has an opinion!smile Thanks!
Hi Xmum - My 17 month old girl is a vegetarian. However, I am not, and neither is my husband, however we do limit the amount of meat we eat and when we do eat it it is mainly chicken. (we prob only eat it once to twice at the most a week). I do not intend on giving my little girl any meat whatsoever until she is at least two years old. She does not even digest corn and peas properly (comes out other end still in original shape and form) so how can I expect her to digest meat?

I have done a fair bit of reading on the topic so I have my reasons for this. It is good to hear that there is someone else out there who do not give their babies meat - most do, and, to be honest, I do get stumped for ideas on what to give her. I am fairly fortunate I suppose, where she does not eat snacks or morning or afternoon tea (neither do I) so it is only meal times to think about, but I find lunch to be the most challenging, as salad and rice cakes get fairly boring quite quickly.

Some may think that I am a bit paranoid about her diet (and maybe I am) but I am trying to give her the best and healthiest start to life as possible. She has only just now started to have a small amount of natural yoghurt (Jalna) as well as having foods with small amounts of cheese in it. She was exclusively breast fed till she was 9 months old when solids were introduced and I am still breast feeding her now, but, only one feed a day as I am pregnant with my second and am trying to wean her (I initially wanted to feed her till she turned two and would ideally still like to, but I think that it will be easier to wean her now before new bubs arrives).

Jessica (my little girl) loves tofu as well, she loves tomato and she loves rice. I also cook lentils and mix it into the rice (brown rice). She also loves a product called "ABC nut spread" or, it is simply just a nut spread available in health food section or stores, called Almond, Brazil and Cashew nut spread. Similar to a peanut butter but it tastes heaps nicer.

I am the same with you, Jessica eats much much healthier than me - At times I feel like a hyprocrite! I have a weakness for chocolate, and sweet things in general. Jessica has never been given anything with sugar in it, and never ever a lolly or other junk. But, her mum eats plenty of it to make up for her.

I justify it thinking that I have eaten junk my whole life, but I want my child to eat healthy - then she can make descisions later in life how she chooses to eat then.

What are your basic meal menus? (ie, standard breakfast, lunch and dinner?)

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

My brother is a vegetarian and has turned my nephew into one too. Question- why have you decided to feed him meat later? As a vegetarian, you already know that you can substitute meat with other foods which are just as beneficial. It's none of my business but i just thought it might freak you out a bit to prepare and feed meat to your toddler if you won't eat the stuff yourself.

Another thing- mmmmmmmmmm,choooocooolate.
I hear you.



Linda I just want to clarify that you didnt start your girl on solids till 9 months? Im only asking out of curiosity.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

yes, jz, that is correct.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Hi Linda, it is sooo good to hear that I'm not the only mum not feeding her kidlets meat!!! I know it does get a bit challenging trying to think of new ideas. I'm lucky DS is only 10months so he's not really worried about variety - although I try to be creative. As I said he has just started having a bit of yoghurt (Jalna plain, biodynamic), I give him this for breakfast mixed with steamed fruit (it's mostly fruit) or baby museli (softened with hot water) mixed with fruit. I also make up a concoction of prunes, dried apricots, steamed pears and a dash of cinnamon. I stew all of it and then whizz it up - it gets things moving if you know what I mean! For lunch DS usually just has sweet potato and apple - he loves it!! I gave him a mouthful of small noodles today, when I had my own lunch. I sucked off all of the sauce though, but he seemed to enjoy it. I might try to add a bit of vermiccelli (tiny rice noodles) to some of his food, just for added texture. He's still a bit of a gagger!!! He's fascinated by steamed carrots and banana, he just likes to squeeze them, not much gets in the mouth! For dinner he gets whatever fresh vegies I have steamed. I gather all the vegies together once a week and steam them, then I just add tofu, mixed beans or lentils and freeze it. I try to make sure I have every colour of vegie I can find. He seems to love everything!! He does love to eat, so for snacks I just give him some of the prune/apricot mix or plain stewed fruit, or maybe a bit of yoghurt. I won't be giving him any other dairy besides yoghurt and his wheat will be limited to rusks and noodles for a fair while. I don't feel there is a real need to overdo these foods. I know the ABC spread you are talking about - it's divine!! Have you tried the cashew one -YUM!! Have you tried adding a bit of tahinni to some of Jessica's food - great for calcium.
I don't actually plan to feed DS meat myself, I was actually thinking of the inlaws!! I have already sprung them trying to feed him a slice of beef covered in gravy at his Christening!! I think they'll think twice before trying again! Everything I feed DS will be vegetarian but I'm sure he'll want to try what dad's having when he's old enough to ask!! As long as it's not McDonalds or KFC!!! I will just make sure he is educated enough to make an informed choice when he's old enough to understand. In the mean time I can only hope others (inlaws and well meaning friends) will not try to feed him meat when I am not present - as almost happened at a 2yr olds party DH took him to. A friend (who should have known better) offered to feed DS some chicken while DH got his own food!! Luckily DH is well trained even though he is a carnivore through and through! Have you been to any good websites for vego kids Linda? I've got a few listed somewhere, if you want I'll get hold of them for you.
Once again it's good to hear I'm not along, to be honest I was expecting a few hostile replies!! Some people think that you are neglecting or starving your child when they find out they are vegos. Quite the opposite! Take care everybody, Fel
Hi Fel, I would love to have a look at those sites, if it is easiy enough for you to get the info out - thankyou. I have just ordered a book which I have been trying to get from three different libraries, and none of them have it. My herbalist which I have been seeing recommended it to me, she said it is excellent. It is called "Raising Vegetarian Children". I can not give you my opinion on it yet, but hopefully I will have the book in about two weeks time, so, if you are interested I will let you know if it is any good.
I hope you don't mind me asking, but, what are the reasons you have chosen to be vegetarian, and are you vego yourself? Or have you chosen this just for your son? (I'm just curious).
I don't get grossed out by handling/cooking meat etc, that is not the reason I do not give it to my child. In fact, it would be ideal if we were all vegetarians (my opinion) - it would be best if even my husband and myself did not eat meat at all - but, we are slack I suppose.
I have decided not to give her meat due to health reasons. I can go into that a bit more if you are interested.
Jessica's basic meals are; breakfast - Freshly juiced juice diluted with water (i am lucky i have a juicer) followed afterwards with cooked porridge with mashed or blended fruit. I only cook the oats with water and there is no sugar or milk added. She loves it and has a HUGE bowl full every morning. Lunch = bits of salad - cucumber, tomato, small crispy hard piece of lettuce, small diced capsicum, chopped tofu and rice cakes, either plain or with abc spread (I'll have to check out the cashew one), followed by fresh fruit. If we are going out or having it on the run, I will chop up pieces of fruit and salad and make her an avocado sandwich (one slice of wholemeal bread, no butter -but i do try and limit her bread/wheat).
Dinner = a variety of different things, I try to have different things but sometimes it is hard. She loves fried rice, sometimes I will make a vegetable lasagne (but take most cheese from hers), steamed or mashed vege's, lentil patties, noodles (not the 2 min kind), soup and one thing she does love is Minestrone Soup - I use w/meal spiral pasta shells with that, and she LOVES it. (if you want recipe let me know).
One thing I try and do is give her a large variety of RAW foods. (ie, raw vege's, fruit etc). This is for digestion reasons. I don't know if you know much about that (enzymes etc etc - can explain more if you are interested). To do this, i sometimes chop up very finely small pieces of cauliflower and brocoli and mix it into her cooked veges, so she is getting a proportion of raw foods (apparently 70% of every meal you eat should be raw) However potatoes, corn and pumpkin must be cooked.
Anyway, I feel that so far I have made the right decision in her diet - she is very rarely sick (she has only been sick about twice with a mild cold), she is growing well, she looks healthy and she is very happy and chirpy. Her eyes are bright and sparkly and quite often I get comments on how well she is looking. (please don't take that as boasting - I'm not, really).
Anyway, look forward to hearing from you.
P.S. Sorry about the long post - I just realized that it is kind of long.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Hi Linda!! You are as bad as I am with the long posts smile I could carry on for longer if I had the time!! I've got the websites for you. The PETA one is really cool, but it's about the animal side of being vego as well as the health side. I'm not sure if that's your thing, but have a look anyway - you can get free stickers sent out and they are classics. There is one of a chick that says "I am not a nugget!" Anyway the sites are:,, and! They are american but still have relavent info - it's mostly vegan.
Sounds like Jessica is well looked after. It's good to see people so concerned and aware of what they are feeding their kids. It makes such a difference to their future health. I can't wait until I can get more creative with DS food, once he is a bit older.
Linda, I will get back to you DS is having a bit of a squeal - it's lunch time smile Back soon, Fel
Hi Linda, back again! Anyway - check out those sites they're quite good and some of them also have forums.
I am vegetarian myself and have been since my early teens. As I mentioned before my DH is definately not! It makes it a bit hard as it means I have to cook two meals every night. I do cook meat but I can't handle it with my hands (gross!!) and it's usually just something I can throw in a pot or in the oven. The less I see of it the better!! I just get DH to taste everything first to see if it's OK. I chose not to eat meat as I grew up with a father in the cattle business and I would often see the poor things all penned up in the crates, some with calves that have been born in transit and will be killed at the next stop because they are in the way!! That's not right! I think everything has a right to live and if you can exist without killing other living beings, then why not? I know it's not that black and white but I think people are too de-sensitized to how meat gets to their table. If they really knew how it all comes about - I think everybody would be sickened!! I know I sound like a real vego activist but I'm really just like everyone else, I just don't eat meat. I don't generally preach either unless someone asks or is genuinely interested - there is nothing worse than someone who preaches to you. smile
Linda you sound pretty cool, going to a herbalist and all. I have one year left studying Naturopathy so I know where you are coming from! Do you have any specific health reasons for Jessica being a vego, or is it just for general health? Is your husband keen on the idea of becoming one himself? Men generally aren't sad Do you get much trouble from others about Jessica's diet (inlaws, friends)? So many people tell me how DS will be missing out on vital nutrients by not having meat! Things that he can't get from a vegetarian diet - they must mean the antibiotics, steroids, carcinogens and diseases!! Oh I do love to tease!!
I'd love to hear some of your recipes and some more of your veiws if you're willing to give them. I hope I don't sound like I'm against people who choose to eat meat, I don't care what other people do as long as they make an informed choice and realise any consequences. God!! I sound like some kind of vegetarian Nazi!! Hear from you soon. Fel smile
I've just realised that the post before the last one of mine has gone to the moderators. It had the websites in it. So the post above this probably doesn't make much sense!! I'll keep an eye out to see if they allow it to be posted. Seeya, Fel
I have been a vegetarian since my teens, My partner and my son are not. Meal time can be hell. lol.
I am pregnant with our 2nd baby, Any good hints on how to keep up my energy?
I decided not to make My son a vegetarian, I feel it is a choice we have to make ourselves. Though I don't think he will as he loves his meat.
I agree with Fel, seeing the cattle and chickens on the backs of trucks being thrown around is so cruel. Also there is some many other efficient ways to use our land than to graze cattle solely for the purpose of eating. (My inlaw are farmers it makes a great dinner time converssation lol)
Anyway that is afew of my views hope to hear from some vege mummys (or daddys) soon.

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

Hi Emily!! I know what you mean about meal times, it's hard to cook two decent meals. Luckily DH will eat anything as long as it has meat in it!! The times when I have just cooked one vegetarian meal for the both of us to share, he says 'where's the meat?' and has to then go to Macca's to get a cheese burger!! It's all psychological I'm sure - he just doesn't feel right if he hasn't eaten meat at every meal!! Whatever!
Congratulations on baby No# 2! When's he/she due? When I was pregnant I took spirulina. If you don't know what it is - it's an algae - sounds yummy hey! It's in powder or capsule/tablet form and you just take a few a day. It's perfect for vegetarians - you probably have taken it before! It's great for protein and iron. I've never had an issue with my iron in my life and that included during my pregnancy! It's also VERY safe for pregnancy. Make sure you take a good multivitamin as well - get one from a health food store not Woolies or the chemist and get stuck into the flaxseed oil (you can get it in capsules) it's better than fish oil (it contains more omega 3) and doesn't have heavy metals in it like fish oil can! Plus you can get organic flaxseed oil, you will never get organic fish oil!(Fish oil - eeewwww!!) Hope this helps! Take care, Fel
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