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I smashed out car back on the 4th November and took it to the smash repairers on the 23rd November. We live 100kms out of town on a property so we have been without a car since 23rd. I rang the smash repairer on the 15th Dec and they told me that they were still waiting on door handles and they wouldnt be in until after xmas. I tried calling them yesterday thinking that it would be the first business day of the year for them but there was no answer. I called and called and ended up calling the shed next door to them and the guy there told me they are closed for the month on jan. IF they were to reopen on 1st feb it would mean we have been without a car for 10 weeks. I rang the insurance company yesterday to complain about this as the guy that has our car is their nominated repairer but i havent heard back from them yet. I am getting really peeved about this now and was wondering what the next step would be?? I dont even know if the insurance company can do anything being that the smash repairer is closed? I am just worried that he will never reopen again, i mean i dont know of too many businesses that could close for 6 weeks over xmas /new year? I am also going to look into changing insurance companies, so i am interested to hear of who u are all with so i can look into some quotes

call back the insurance company and ask to speak to a supervisor. tell the supervisor everything you've already told them previously. Make sure you grab their name, department and contact information. If you are still not satisfied you can request to be transferred to their customer relations department who handle all the complaints whether it be insurance premium or claim issues. Once you have lodged a complaint with them they will (hopefully) try to work out a solution for you. If you are still not satisfied you can then lodge an official complaint with the insurance ombudsman.

there's no point trying the ombudsman before that though as they'll just tell you to follow it up with the insurance company first and give their departments a chance to fix it before using them

what a sh!tty situation Jodie sad I would be asking the insurance company to foot the bill of a hire car
Thanks Mrs Evil, will call the insurance co again now sad

you're welcome honey. i knew working for an insurance company would come in handy one day LOL
Just got off the phone from the call centre dude. He is putting an urgent note through to the assessment centre manager. He doesnt buy the smash repairers story either. OMG i want to cry. I am really convinced that he has gone bust hey. I mean i dont know how many businesses that can close for that period of time over xmas/new year without notifying anyone

certainly does seem suss - i hope that it's not and that he's just taken some extended leave. *fingers crossed*
OMG i finally got a call back from the insurance company and the guy said basically they have tried to get in contact with the repairer on a mobile and cant get through to him so there isnt much more they can do while they cant contact him?????? Where do i go from here

call them back and tell them that you appreciate that they can't get through but that's not good enough. you dropped your car off at one of THEIR preferred repairers - someone that THEY allow to represent THEIR name.

I would be asking to speak to customer relations/complaints department. This is beyond the joke. You need a car. They must have something in place as a course of action for this sort of thing. I understand that they're just affiliated with each other but this is terrible business practices.

If they still say their hands are tied ask them what can you do. Who can you call to get your car back if this guy won't answer. Do you have the number that they're calling?

You might have to try the ombudsman to see if they can point you in the right direction if the insurance mob can't do anything
Well we had to go into town on Tuesday (borrowed the in-laws car) and we id a drive by of the guys shed and we peeked through the windows and our car was in there FINISHED. I was beyong wild. So i rang the insurance company again and again they said that they would try call the smash repairer on his mobile and would let me know. I didnt hear back so i called again today. Once again i got told that cause the smash repairer isnt doing anything illegal, all they can o is keep calling the numbers they have for him. I asked for some compensation, like my excess being waived and all the assessor could offer was to put it to his manager. OMG I am soooooo cranky. The smash repairer apparently doesnt reopen until 1st Feb now

I would be getting hold of the manage as well as asking for a direct line through to them and any further discussions with your insurer i would be taking directly to the manager

You're not with RAC by any chance are you? Because a few months ago, DH had a SEMI-TRAILER TRUCK back into his precious ute! They damaged the front spoiler and so DH placed the claim through our insurance company and they said they'd sort everything out.

They sent us to 'their' repairer and when we got the ute back it had straws from the movies in the front seat (DH keeps his ute spotless) and they hadn't done ANYTHING to fix it! On top of that WE had to pay because the other guy (it was a trucking company and we only dealt with the manager) was refusing to claim liability and now we've been waiting months for our money back and RAC says their hands are tied because this guy is being difficult and won't give them the necessary details. On top of that, the guy said DH will lose his 50% no claim bonus. HE DIDN'T SMASH THE CAR!!!!

So I'm just as furious as you with insurance companies. I'm going through the process of doing written complaints to both RAC and this smash repairer. We pay RAC $2.5k a year between the two of us, you'd think they'd be able to at least foot the bill.

Anyway....sorry for hijacking your thread. lol! I'm just furious with insurance companies. They really are stupid.
Is there a number for the smash repairer that you can keep calling yourself? I doubt your insurance company would be calling him several times a day to try and get hold of him.

Another thing you can ask for is a replacement car for while you are without a car. If they can't provide this, you should insist they pay for a hire car until you get yours back.

This shouldn't have to be your problem, and they need to do better than this for you.

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