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Send me some labour vibes *PLEASE* Lock Rss

I am begging you all now. PLEASE - I'd even get down on my hands and knees if I could

I am 37w 3d and I am soooo over it, and I just looked up the weather forecast for the remainder of the week.
Friday 38
Saturday 40
Sunday 38
Monday 41
Tuesday 36

Today was 33 and it has been hard enough.... I need this baby out before I go insane.

PLEASE will me into labour before this weather hits... being in the early 30's is hard enough...

My legs physically cant stretch/swell any more, they are leaking beads of fluid, and the heat makes them worse. My hands are swollen and painful, and I'm not sure how much further they can stretch/swell. My face and neck are swollen too. I look like the Michelin man's wife

I am over the walking frame, and the pain in my pelvis,
I am over the indigestion and the low GI diet.
I want to be able to have a bath, and drive the car, and use the front entrance to our house. I want to be able to get into and out of bed by myself... and I want a Krispy Kreme Donut!

I just want my body back, and I want to be able to start to heal.... Please help me entice the baby out!!!! PLEASE...

Thanks for any vibes I can get....
sending you * labour vibes * sweet hope you have bubs before the heat kicks in sure sounds like sa weather over the next wk lol

come on baby, be early like your siblings. im sure you are big enough smile the u/s said so lol

hopefully soon Ricki. must be so hard on you

Not only did the ultrasound say it is a reasonable size bub, but I had a 50cm fundal height measurement last wednesday..
Truly over it - I don't recommend being heavily pregnant in the heat of summer!.
18 days to go
oh i understand about been heavly pregnant during the heat i was last yr went right through a couple of heat waves lol

awwww u poor thing! will your doc not induce u early?

**labour vibes** and an extra little prayer on the side. do u at least have air con?

OB wont induce me - all my blood work is finally coming back perfect - and bub is happy and healthy, so he is just wanting to let me ride it out.
I begged him in tears last Wednesday to induce me, because of the discomfort, pain and swelling, but it was a waste of time.
He is concerned that inducement would prolong labour and make things harder for me..

Thanks for the labour vibes.. I am really needing them - wouldn't it be fantastic if it worked.

Yep, I have air con, but unless I am sitting in front of it, it is useless...

Sending you EVERY possible labour vibe humanly known to exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sending you labour vibes. All the best. Im thinking of trying for #5 in March, but after reading your post, I might reconsider. I will ask you if its worth it a couple months down the track lol

Im sending Krispy Kremes smile

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

Hey Ricki, maybe ask to be admitted to hospital for the rest of the pregnancy. I did my pelvis with DD and spent the last part of the pregnancy in hospital. I was in and out from 37 weeks, they wanted to keep me in, but i said no. Finally at 40 +4 i stayed in until she was born.
oooh sweetie you've gone through absolute hell with the pregnancy sending you lots and lots of labour vibes

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