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Yesterday I took my DD for a walk. On my way back home I was walking along the footpath when I heard someone say 'Beep Beep'. I turned to look and a girl (about 13 yrs old) whizzed by on a bike. As she passed me she yelled 'DON'T **** MOVE YOU **** ****'.

I was HORRIFIED. I mean, in front of my DD? I could not believe someone could say something so vile to a stranger WITH baby.

Hi Ana,

I agree, that is RUDE! I would not have believed it if you hadn't told me. I am used to walking down footpaths and having to move off the footpath for kids on bikes, but I have NEVER heard anything like that. You should have been horrified, that is disgusting behaviour!

Roxby Downs SA

omg!!! I can't believe some people are so disgusting. I feel sorry for her as she'll probably get nowhere in life with manners like that!!! I usually travel by bus and some people just have no shame. There are always people yelling horrid language, it makes me sick as I don't want my child picking up lingo like that!!!

jade,wa, 51/2mth baby kalani

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