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Quick cooking question re:coconut milk Lock Rss

Just wondering if there is a difference between coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut flavoured evaporated milk?? I have a recipe that calls for coconut milk and i only have tins of the other 2

you could use the evaporated milk one - it's lower in fat.
the cream one is thicker so may affect your food depending on what it is
Its just for a thai chicken curry dish from a masterfoods liquid dinner base sachet

Does it suggest a certain one?

The cream is thicker than the milk. As for the other one, no clue lol sorry

I make the Mccormacks(sp) mild chick curry slow cooker recipe base and use the coconut milk with it
You can use either without any issues. I use coconut cream instead of milk all the time lol, just remember to shake the can first.
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