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Hey all

My DS is going to a 1st birthday party for twins, boy and girl, and i have no idea what to get them...their parents are quite well off and have just about everything already...I would like to get them something a bit different but in saying that I am not made if money...any suggestions...I am desperate!!!


a wooden puzzle with their names
here's the link for mooo

name plaque?
photo frame?

imo - keep it simple! <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
I'm not sure if they would actually have them cos I haven't been to one since DD1 (15yrs) was a toddler, but is there one of those indoor playcentres near you that might have gift vouchers??

Probably a better idea for toddlers but it might be something to look into?

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

oh my kids love there name puzzles.
I always buy books as presents you can never have to many books IMO

I was going to suggest the name puzzles but depending on the kids names, that could get quite pricey.

DD just had her birthday so im full of ideas lol.

Bath toys
Wooden toys
Beach towels
Beach toys
Kids wind chimes
Wall art
Check out your local post office for gifts..
They have reduced lots of things after christmas..
Many things are under $10 and are good quality..
duplo or mega blocks
a doll and some dolls clothes
magna doodle
in the night garden stuff
soft toys
bath towel and bath toys
crayons and coloring in books
an easel (have seen them on sale in target and could be a combined present)
musical instruments (drums, shakers, xylaphones etc)
dress up costumes
hobby horse
ride on cars
wading pool

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