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Jess are you here? Lock Rss

Hi! I have something to show you if your here!
Meee???? I am here.........
I just made this for my dad! Tell me what you think and if there is anything i can add!! lol




Here is the company he works for.
Oh and when i get to mums tomorrow i am going to print out a logo and stick it on the trailer and door if i can get it small enough!
BRILLIANT!!! I love it!!!!
I wouldn't add anything to it except if you can print one off a WesternStar symbol... I am guessing frm that pic its a westy its small for my eyes! lol
Other than that I would leave it, its perfect! I am a little jealous though I must say, DS asks me every year for a truck cake, might have to bite the bullet this year!!!
might just butt in here and admit that I was a sticky beak - but that's a mighty fine cake! I want some!

Thats a good idea, I might do that too!!

thanks! It was much easier than i thought, took me hours all up!

ETA it took mr forever to get the right colour yellow!
[Edited on 07/01/2010]
oh sorry had to be nosey and have a look oh and i showed hubby too lol it's awesome i want one for lil mans b'day hehe

oh and hubby liked it to thought it was really good

ooops only just realised you were already doign the logo didn't see that reply!

will have to show DH that one, he'll love it!
Hehe thats ok i meant the company logo, but i will print off a Star badge too!

Thanks Chayls and Cheeks!! I dont mind anyone looking!!
Its awesome Manda!!

Cheers NEss

Spanks ness,

Anyone want to come clean up for me?
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