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what's for dinner when it's 40degrees outside? Lock Rss

It's too friggen hot for cooking, and cold deli meat and salad are out because I'm pregnant.
Our weather for the next few days is in the 40+ degrees, so really don't want to be running the oven or stovetop.

What do you eat when it is too bloody hot to cook???
I shall be watching this space, hence the post. I havent even thought about what to have for dinner tonight and I have no idea what to cook for the following few days.
The kids are having pasta with tuna mixed though and we are having Chicken kebabs with potato salad, minimal cooking here.
In that heat I'd probably just have something simple like toasties, sandwiches, salad or vegie nachoes.

You can have cold meat while preg, as long as you cook it your self and eat it within 48 hours. That's what I did while preg, I know you don't feel like cooking, but it might get you few the next couple of days.
Sunnyboys!! LOL

No we are having a stirfry tonight with rice. Just need the electric wok and a saucepan!!

I feel your pain.. I hate cooking dinner at the best of times, let alone when it's 40C...
I'm thinking we might just be having scrambled eggs on toast, or an omelet or something simple like that..
we're having fish, oven chips & salad... oven will be on for 30mins max so not too bad.

it's about that here too and if i ahd to i'd cook the meat (or whatever needed cooking) first thing in the morning before it go too hot... also means you've got the rest of the day to relax!

I think also over the next few days I will be using the slow cooker a lot, that way I don't have to use the oven or stove.
You could cook a silverside on high in the slowie early in the morning then eat it cold with salad.

Cooked drumsticks in the oven early in the day and eat them cold later with salad and fried rice.

BBQ chook - Make ceaser salad out of it.

Rossoles or sausages grill them that shouldn't heat the house up too much.

That is all i can think of atm
Bacon, Egg & tomato on toast
Quiche & Salad
Tinned Spag or baked beans on toast
Salads, Salads & More Salads??? lol!
thanks all for suggestions - should make the next few days easier for DH....
i would have said ham and salad but i see you are pregnant so that's off the cards.
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