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I was wondering whether there is anyone out there that has any idea where I can get a playmat like the one that they are giving away on this site.....

I only just found the competition and my son is already out of the newborn and infant nappies....

Sooz, Sydney, Benjamin 1/5/04 & Keira 15/9/06

Hi Susan,

Been doing a little research on this for you on the internet without much success.

However I found a similar playmat (fisher price) on ebay starting bid $5.99 it is in pre-loved condition.

Here is the web address.

Hi Sal,

Thanks for that. I'll go and check it out.


Sooz, Sydney, Benjamin 1/5/04 & Keira 15/9/06

Hi sooznben

I have 6 barcodes from newborn and infant nappies that you are quite welcome to if you like. (I cant remember how many you need for the playmat).

I have already ordered a playmat for myself and just found out that the boxes of nappies have 2 barcodes. I fished out the old boxes and so have a few more that I don't need.

You (or anyone else interested) can email me at [email protected] and I'm happy to post the barcodes out to you.


Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

Hi Treylace,

Thanks heaps......would love them!!!! Will email you soon!!!


Sooz, Sydney, Benjamin 1/5/04 & Keira 15/9/06

Hi Treylace,

do u have any barcodes left. If so my email address is [email protected]


Kim, Townsville, mum of 2 girls

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