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What's for dinner?

We are having roast chook in the slowy, smashed potatoes, corn, cauli, broccoli, carrots and capsicum.

What about you?
I'm thinking pizza since it's about 43 degree's if not hotter lol so can't see myself cooking

I was planning a slow cooker meal but the meat didn't defrost in time haha

Mmm BBQ...

It's hot here too but that's why I love the slowy... because the meat is cooked and I don't have to put the oven on or stand over the stove!
I dont know sad I want something yummy but its sooooooooo hot so I'm goinbg to keep an eye on this thread!
Noooooooooo idea what to have. Kids will prob have leftover roast chicken from last night and DH is working late late late again tonight, so i will scrape myself something together later on unless i get inspired by some lovely ladies on here smile

Roast Pork.....and vegies.Have the inlaws coming oh yipee so it had to be something nice.

The joys of having a newborn...

The super hot weather doesn't make me wanna at the moment no idea...gonna keep my eye on this post for inspiration!!!

we are having leftover meat from BBQ in gravy and mash. thats about as inspirational i can get today lol
and we have to use it otherwise it'll just go to waste. and theres a fair bit of meat there still gasp( only thing is i really dont feel like it lol

No idea. Probably takeaway cause I really can't be bothered cooking.
Salad and cold meat here.Its to hot to cook lol

we r having chicken wings, oriental rice and salad ;D

Steak, vegies and smashed potatoes (thanks to the person who put up the recipe a couple of days ago - I am now addicted to them and simply must have them again!)
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