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I'm thinking of asking my gp for anti-depressants as I'm finding life hard to cope with at the moment, after 14 yrs together my not so DH has decided to call it quits and although I'm seeking counselling accepting and facing life without him is really hard as I still love him dearly. I've had depression before but never took any medication for it but now with 2 kids it's totally different. So I'm wondering if I really should get onto them as I'm scared of becoming dependant on them or the side effects etc. So if anyone that is on them can give me some feedback on their experience taking them I would really appreciate can pm if you like.

Thanks girls.

A good GP should sit and ask a lot of questions first to determine if you need them. My dr says when you arent able to cope with daily life eg housework, getting dressed, going shopping etc its a big sign you need more help.

You shouldn't become dependent on them- while i dont know your exact situation it sounds like you will need them short term to help you through this tough time. Keep in mind short term in antidepresant speak is usually 6-12 months.

You should be started on a low dose to start with. There are some common side effects but they vary with each medication- common ones are nausea (try taking half a tablet a day for the first week or two and then go to a whole one), tiredness, yawning, dry mouth, thirst. I found that most of my side effects (yawning, feeling a bit hazy) happened about an hour after i took it so if i took mine at night before bed it 'kicked in' while i was asleep and i didnt get the side effects.

Keep up with the counseling and get some exercise! My GP says counseling, exercise and then meds are the three keys to beating depression. A simple walk a day can do wonders.

Hugs to you. If you have any questions- shoot me a PM xxx
Thanks for the reply Strawbs xx
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