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Some people are in Denial? Lock Rss

Okay, so i bumped into an old friend of mine.. We had a quick chat, and she was telling me she had 2 children.

So i asked how old they were, and she replied with "Eldest is 53 months and youngest is 29 months"

Ummm okay, i must admit, i am pretty good at maths, but geez, this one took me a few good seconds to work out the ages.

Question is, when do you stop talking "months" and start talking "years" with your children?


I would think about 2? maybe just after but only by a few months. Thats what I think anyway smile
I stoppped counting months at 2years, then went to 2, 2.5, 3 etc which ever is closest
[Edited on 12/01/2010]

sorry but i had to lol.....53 months?

i stop as soon as they turn 2.


2 here - although unless it is something age-specific being discussed, I tend to refer to S2 as 1.5 not 18mths.

Perhaps your friend has had a long hard 53mths hence her need to count LOL!
I'm not even going to attempt to try to figure out how many years 53months equates to! lol

By 2yrs I'm using years not months..
And like LA78 I tend to say 1.5yrs rather than 18mths.
After they turned 2.

Saying 53 months is major denial IMO! Say 4 and a half!
I stop counting months at 2.
[Edited on 12/01/2010]
i also think 2 yrs
Yep, anything after 2 and you start using years IMO.
I stop at 1. lol. DD2 is 1 now, and will be until she turns 2.
I stop going by months when bub turns 2.

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