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Am I a really big tight a rse?? Lock Rss

Go on tell me I can handle it!!! LOL

But I just can't justify paying to go to playcentres!!!
I have been invited to one today, but TBH I said I probably won't go as I have too much on which is sort of true, but really I just can't justify paying so much for my kids to play in a playground...... they can do that for free at the local park!!! LOL

I feel so stingy cos I know the kids would have had fun but it would cost me minimum $20-25 to get them in, then cos you can't take food in and rthe others were going for lunch it would cost at least another $20.

I have a group that often meets at the local park, we throw in a few dollars and get the kids chips and juice for lunch and they are happy!!!

So go on tell me am I being tight or not?

DH says no I am not as cos its raining and I can't take the kids to the local park I am going to go to a friends place with some party pies and things so still much cheaper asnd the kids are as excitd as anything!
NO. $25 plus food is alot for a playgroup imo.
I think playcentres are sometimes better than parks. It's safer I think. You know there haven't been people hanging out there at night doing goodness knows what. There's no disgusting writing on all the equipment and your inside out of the elements.

Have you suggested McDonalds or something like that. Same thing pretty much except it's free to play it's just a bit smaller.

Nah I dont think so !!! is what your kids like and are used to !!

if they were unhappy about going to the park or to a friends place then I would have thought you were a mean mummy ...but they are super excited with the current plan and if that plan is easy on the pocket then I say it is win win !! ...

good on ya !!

I can count how many times I have been to a play center with DS1 on 1 hand.

I really don't like them, it's not even the cost (even thought they are a rip off) it's just I don't know something about them rubs me the wrong way!

I wouldn't say you're being a tight arse but that might be because I also agree with you (how much a rip of they are) last time I went I was pregnant with DS2 and my sister wanted us to go with her and her youngest 2 so I said hesitantly yes, she then said she'd pay so I was like yeah whatever then we got there and after finding out how much it was I couldn't allow her to pay!

Not at all!!!!!!

TBH i will most likely never go to a play group.

I have so many friend with kids, we are always doing things. So i dont think ill ever justify going to play group.

DD will be in creche at the gym soon however so i guess she will get interaction from other kids there
Yes and No. I think if its a one off it wouldn't hurt. I personally like playcentres, well ours because it is GREAT and chea.

How much is evryone elses? Ours is $7 and I got my lunch for that price as well.
Not being a tight a s s... we only go to our local one occasionally cause' it's also very expensive. We go as part of my mums group to shake things up a bit cause' we alternate houses. It's nice to get the kids out every now and again.

I must be like you, it cost to much to go to the playcentres. I would take bub one time to see what it like and to see him having fun but I like the sound of park cause it outside in the open.

i love playcentres.
you know its safe.
you know its airconditioned in this crazy heat.
you know theres no perverts there or people urinating and drinking etc in the park(it happens!)
you have toilets and change tables there.
theres spots for parents to sit and chat and order food and drink.
there are age appropriate places for the kids so you know they are okay.

for me, its not a lot of money though so i am happy to do it. if i had lots of kids or couldnt afford it then obviously not so good but for me, i love them.
parks are good too but when you dont know what the weather is doing or want to be a bit lazy and sit back while kids play then its perfect.
Thanks for the replies, glad I am not the only one!!

I don't really know that its much cleaner, the onewe go to always seems dirty I think thats what has put me off.

We have lovely clean toilets in our park, I just take some Dettoll wipes for the seats, and we are lucky that there is not a lot the kids can hurt themselves on at our park (well no different than the playcentre we go to anyway)

I guess we are lucky with our park, its lovely and clean (though I do check the equipment before the kids play) and we just have the rule no playing in the sandpit
No I don't think you're being cheap at all.

You could go to Maccas for half the price, if not less! Maccas food may not be ideal, but lets face it, play centre food is crap and hardly nutritious at all!

It does become an expensive day out though.. admission, drinks, lunch, and then they see the lollies or icecreams and you get convinced into buying it all, and in an instant you've spent $50!

I'd rather go to Kmart and buy the kids a new toy, then home and make the kids lunch then they can play with their toy! It's cheaper and the food has more nutrition in it (depending on what it is!) and they keep the toy!

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