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How often do you go shopping? Rss

Not for groceries, I mean just shopping... eg. Clothes, appliances, other stuff you need?

Do you go only when you need something?

Or do you go for fun?

Or do you go on a certain day(s) each week?
I go for fun at least once a week to be honest, some weeks a lot more. I don't always spend money though, usually I go with my mum and have a catch up, get a drink and a bite to eat then do some window shopping.
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I only do that kind of shopping mainly when i need something and also if i have spare money to spend, i can usually find something i 'need' then! lol

Of course I am gong to answer this

I am in the city once a week, so I always do a lap of the shops to check out bargains, specials etc..

I carry a list of things in my bag that we use or need for the house, birthday and christmas (I know I am so I always check this and see if there's any bargains to be had that week..

I may go weeks without getting anything, as I won't pay full price - yet other days (like Tuesday just gone) I picked up heaps of cheap things that we needed....
As rarely as possible!!! LOL I HATE shopping other than food shopping, I may go once a month at themost
just for fun. sometimes 3 or 4 times a week, others none.

last year i think we went to the shops pretty much every day. dont always buy anything but the kids both love it, it was the only place where DD didnt constantly scream and sook at me.

this year i have been twice. trying to cut down a bit. cos even though i didnt always spend money i think i bought a fair bit of stuff that i wouldnt have if i didnt see it.

I go once a week and I will like Ressimore look around fro bargains. I have a look in the shops than I grab some lunch than I do groceries and than home we come.

As often as humanly possible! Went yesterday and going again today!
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Only when I need something...
I hate shopping and never do it alone (not even grocery) we generally look around every fornight when we do food shopping but if we need something before we are due to go we will go before then.

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