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Honest opinions please! Lock Rss

Be brutal I can take it!!!!

As some of you may know I am going to meet Rob Thomas soon.I am also attending the vip party and have a front row seat to the concert,AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I am having a clothing dilemma...but what do you think of this
or here

I need very honest opinions or fresh suggestion!
I cut my head off as I am off to the hairdressers and have a bad "bedhead" LOL!

SEXY. Really you look fantastic
That dress looks fabulous! WOOT hot mumma alert!!!

It looks great either way! I probably prefer with the boots, but love both looks!

I'd get some funky jewelry, like those long charm necklaces that you can get from diva iykwim?

I think you look fabulous!!!
I like the second outfit with the boots smile

Lucky you!!!!
I like the first one.. looks awesome

woof whistle
I vote the first one

Sorry forgot to add, on 2nd look I'd say get plain stockings. The stripes look a bit too much or too busy with all the detail on the dress iykwim??

But still, you looks great!
Personally I like the first one best, I do like the boots but I always think boots make people look like they have short legs, not saying you have short legs but other one makes your legs look long IYKWIM.

However in saying that they are both fine, the dress is perfect I think!!!

yeah i like the first one with the shoes, not the boots, only cause i LOVE your tattoo... lol... But i agree, you look FANTASTIC!! Doh Im jealous now!! Wish I had your figure!! lmao... Sorry I cant come with you now, unless you can make me look as hot as you!! bahahahahahahhaahhahaha lmao... nah you look great!! soo jealous... lol
If I go with the boots I will get palin stockings,those were the only ones I had to take a photo with here!
Smae with the million year old tights I am wering with the heels,new ones for sure,lol!

A bit of jewellry to jazz it up too. smile

I like the first one

I vote for number one!
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