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Wow, you look hot either way but I like the first look best. I also think maybe you could wear plain tights instead of the ones with the bow thing on the side as it looks too busy at the bottom....with plain tights you will show off your gorgeous legs, tattoo & shoes more.

Hope that helps.
both looks are great but id go with the 1st!!! have fun smile

first one is more suited to rt than the second imo
Both look great on you. I would wear plain stockings on both of them though. You have an awesome figure.

Lucky you meeting Rob Thomas. Do you know what you will say to him? I've never met anyone famous that i liked and I've always wondered to myself what would I say if given the chance to meet them? What would I say that they haven't already heard before?

Do you rekon you'll get to have a conversation or just a quick hi and a photo?

Have lots of fun smile
I vote the first one... it's the look of the season at the moment - I don't mind boots, but only in winter.. they make the outfit much heavier looking and not so much a 'party' look.

I wouldn't go chunky jewellery either... it would also make it heavy looking.. go for silver jewellery! Or if you like the chunky jewellery have it with some silver, you can wear more than one necklace these days, and longer ones are all the go too.

(and you need a clutch bag!)

You have a rockin bod!!

1st one is sexy, 2nd one is trashy. Just being as honest as i can be!

Another suggestion is keep a sexy pair of patent flats in your bag for during the concert so your feet don't get too sore - also for walking to and from the venue. Then stash them in your bag and slip on the killer heels!

Have fun, so so so jealous!
That's what I was tryin to say... thanks cath!!! lol

I like the first outfit the best.
First one for sure!
Number 1. It looks more fun rock.

I'm not into boots myself with short skirts, unless your wanting to look that way. Also you have nice legs so the boots won't show them off enough.
HOT!!! I love the shoes one!!
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